About Sabakuch

Sabakuch.com is an innovative; networking, entertainment, communication and education portal which enables its users to serve all their networking requirements in one place, all free of cost. Unlike other networking portals, Sabakuch.com is a unique assimilation of three kinds of networking needs shared on one platform. The portal gives the users the convenience to deal with their personal and professional contacts on a single portal, which traditionally required them to use different portals for their varied needs.

Introduced in 2015, the Web portal is the child of a dynamic thought, clubbing together four important aspects of popular Internet usage among the users -Networking, Entertainment, Communication and Learning.

The portal has three different zones dealing with specific purposes. The Three zones - a personal general entertainment zone, a social networking zone, and a professional networking zone, gives the users an edge and access to all the latest and useful information on the portal at the ease of a single login.

Sabakuch.com is the only global networking portal with an array of services. It offers professional and social networking on a uniquely shared platform.

A Triad of everything!

The entire domain brings you the best of three worlds. It assimilates a unique 3-in-1 concept in everything it offers.

Networking - A tri-angular networking format includes expressing through O-zone messages and My-Zone status, and Biz-Zone posts connecting you socially and expanding your professional network.

Learning: A three-way learning system available in:

Audio-visual, Audio only and Visual only formats

Entertainment - Sabakuch offers an array of entertainment with Music section, Image section and Chat messenger.

Login- Sabakuch offers you the following modes of login:

  • the login tab,
  • or u can use other login option which enables you to login with your Facebook, Twitter and Google plus account


The “Trio”: Our three portals on a shared dashboard, O-zone, My-Zone and Biz-Zone are collectively called the ''Trio''.

Stay ahead with our Generation-next “Trio”

Our three sections are collectively called a “Trio” The Trio brings you the best of Social Networking, Entertainment and Communication services.


  • Create a Global Social Network with O-Zone and My- Zone, our Micro-Blogging and Social networking portals. Get social with O-zone and connect with your friends with My-Zone.
  • Expand Your Professional Network with Biz-Zone. Expand and maintain your professional networking portal. Get noticed by employers, let new opportunities knock on your door!


Share what’s on your mind with O-zone Put forth your Intellectual Avatar with our micro-blogging portal; O-zone. It lets you create private and public micro-blog posts. It lets you follow the people you know or people about whom you want to know. You can start a discussion all by yourself or be a part of bigger discussions with our hash tag feature. Speak your mind and express your ideas, post pictures and video links for your followers to see at O-zone.


Connect and Make Friends with My-Zone

Be a social butterfly with My-Zone. Connect to your kith and kin with our social networking section and build your personal virtual social network. Share your updates, pictures and videos.  Make friends and create groups based on your liking and interests.


Be Opportunity Ready with Biz-Zone

Keep in touch with your office friends and get noticed by employers. Biz-zone is our Professional networking portal which opens a world of opportunities, connecting employers and job-seekers.


There’s More in Store!

At Sabakuch, we serve to provide different services, for which you might have accessed different websites in the past. Sabakuch is probably the only portal with a growing network, connecting people across the Globe both professionally and socially simultaneously. Here at Sabakuch.com you will get everything at the convenience of a login. As the name suggests, “Sabakuch” which means “everything” in English, we aim to provide the best of services to you. Join the community and connect with Masses, Buddies and Brains!

Sabakuch is an encompassment of numerous features making it a one stop portal where you can share your thoughts, photos and video links. Sabakuch.com offers more of its innovative products and services to help you make the most of your time on the Internet.



To facilitate learning online, Sabakuch's E-Learning section provides free Audio Notes and Video lectures explaining different concepts. Interactive video lectures help the learners get a quick recap on topics. The videos feature a quick factual summary of the concepts to help you keep updated. The videos can be accessed anytime for reference to help the learners grasp the information in a more interesting manner.

It also provides E-Mock Paper to users in order to test and sharpen their ability to attempt different competitions. These E-Mock Papers are generated in unique manner by mechanical intelligence out of the regular updated pools of questions with sabakuch.com


Music Section:

In its endeavor to provide you complete entertainment, Sabakuch brings out Its Music section featuring World Music at one place.  From Indian Classical to Western this section offers Music for listeners who are passionate about music.  The section compiles different Genres of Music in a variety of Indian Languages. Sabakuch.com brings an excellent collection of Music at one place.


Images Section:

Discover a whole new range of wallpaper images in High-Definition (HD). Our category wise arranged images makes it easier to choose and select pictures in high resolution for desktop backgrounds and other creative purposes. 


Chat Messenger:

The Quick chat messenger lets you connect with the contacts instantly with friends online in My-Zone for speedy communication. The chat messenger lets you connect with people online in a Cost- effective and convenient manner.