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The Sabakuch Music Monetize Program (“Program”) allows users to monetize Audio Streaming with respect to the number of plays.

To participate and benefit from this Program, User must agree to the terms and conditions mentioned herein below, which becomes a part of the Sabakuch Terms of Use. To the extent the Sabakuch Terms of Use are inconsistent with these terms, these terms will control with respect to the Program only.

  1. Acceptance. By using the Program, User agrees that he/she fully understands and agrees to these terms and conditions governing the Sabakuch Music Monetize Program.
  2. Eligibility. To participate and benefit from this Program, user must be a verified user of
  3. Program terms.
    1. All uploaded audio files will be closely monitored and verified for monetizing within two working days of the track being uploaded on Sabakuch Music.
    2. An uploaded audio track will be eligible for monetizing only after the successful verification of the User is completed by the Sabakuch team. The final decision shall be the sole discretion of Refer to ‘Verify Your Account’ section for more detail.
    3. Monetizing on Sabakuch Music is entirely based on the number of times an uploaded audio track is played. Only a single play count of a song shall be considered in a day (24 Hours) from one device/machine.
    4. User agrees and understands that Sabakuch is under no obligation to monitor, review or verify the authenticity of any user contributed content including but not limited to songs.
  4. Monetizing Requirements.
    1. The minimum numbers of plays to enable monetizing are 100 plays, after which the monetizing slab(Pay per Play) is implied which is given below (Clause 4c). Please note that the song shall be able to monetize on the basis of plays retrieved after 100 plays.
    2. A track will be counted as “played” only after it is streamed for at least half the total time of the audio track.
    3. Slabs for Monetizing
      Slab Pay per Play
      Every play after crossing 100 plays 0.10 Paisa/Play
    4. The user shall need atleast 500 INR in his/her wallet to redeem the amount generated from Sabakuch Music.
    5. Monetizing can also be enabled for existing audio tracks which couldn't reach the minimum stretch to enable monetizing initially.
  5. Restrictions.
    1. User must be the composer/producer/record label having complete ownership/copyrights/distribution rights/license to publish and use the song(s) commercially.
    2. The uploaded audio file should not be a ‘Cover Song’ of other artists. User can only monetize a ‘Cover Song’ if the original composer/producer grants User the permission to do so.
    3. In case of a collaborated/joint project, User can monetize the song only if the user has the ownership/copyright rights.
    4. Content with violence, sexuality, nudity, hate, threats, false and misleading date, scams, copyright/IP infringement is not eligible for monetization.
    5. User cannot monetize on multiple uploads of the same audio track. In the case of multiple/duplicate uploads, only the original owner/producer shall be eligible for monetizing.
    6. Incomplete audio files are not eligible to be monetized.
    7. User cannot monetize on content created by others. However, Royalty Free Music is an exception, which is also subject to Sabakuch Terms of Use.
  6. Termination. may terminate your eligibility to use the Program or terminate your account, if you:
    1. Violate the rights of other users;
    2. Impersonate other people or provide false or misleading information; or
    3. Breach the these terms or Sabakuch Terms of Use or any other terms of
  7. Liability.Sabakuch disclaims any and all liability that User may incur from the use of this Program.
  8. It would be sole discretion of sabakuch music to release or not to release any payments whatsoever without giving any clarifications.
  9. All payments would be released after deduction of TDS @ 10% .
  10. Changes. Sabakuch reserves the right to cancel the Program or change the price or Terms & Conditions at any time. An updated version of these terms shall be posted on the website, and User will be deemed to have accepted such changes by continuing to use the website. Any unclaimed amount too shall be forfeited at that time.
  11. Dispute Resolution. The Terms & Conditions of this Program shall be governed by the Laws of India. Any dispute arising out of this Program shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts in New Delhi, India.
For any queries, write us a mail at