Our IPR policies govern the usage of all intellectual property owned by Sabakuch India LLP (hereinafter referred to as “Sabakuch.com”). Sabakuch.com trademarks, copyrights, patents are owned exclusively by Sabakuch.com and are protected under the IP laws in India.

Sabakuch.com Copyrights

  • The copyrights in Sabakuch.com products and services are held by Sabakuch.com and/or by the original creator of the material.

  • Users must ensure that the material/s are not copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed, posted or transmitted in any form or by any means, including, but not limited to, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Sabakuch.com or the copyright owner.

  • Any unauthorized usage of the materials on Sabakuch.com, violation of copyright laws, trademark laws and other privacy laws will invite necessary action.

  • All content and functionality of Sabakuch.com services, including text, graphics, logos, icons, images and the selection and arrangement thereof, are the exclusive properties of Sabakuch.com and are protected by the laws of India.

  • All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

Sabakuch Trademarks

Sabakuch.com maintains a detailed folio of trademarks, which takes into account words, logos, designs, images, tagline, slogans, color-themes and shapes.

Activities that may constitute upon the infringement or dilution of Sabakuch.com trademarks are not permitted. Please refer to the following guidelines to avoid any unauthorized use of Sabakuch.com trademarks:

  • Do not use any of Sabakuch.com trademarks or logo in a manner which is likely to misguide/mislead or create any confusion about the origin of any product, service/s, material/s, course/s, technology, programmes or other offerings.
  • Unauthorized use of any of the Sabakuch.com trademarks or name in a manner which is likely to give an impression or otherwise imply an affiliation or association between any user, or his/her products or services, and Sabakuch.com, or any of its products, services, programmes, materials, or any other offerings is strictly prohibited..
  • Unauthorized use of Sabakuch.com logo or any other materials of, or related to Sabakuch.com, for commercial purposes without a prior permission from Sabakuch.com is prohibited.
  • Users must not use any of the Sabakuch.com trademarks, as or as part of a company, products, services, solutions, technology, or programme.
  • User must not use Sabakuch.com trademarks in any manner which is likely to dilute, defame, disparage or harm the reputation of Sabakuch.com.
  • No person shall use any trademarks or designation which is confusingly similar to the name “Sabakuch” or any of Sabakuch.com trademarks.
  • No person shall copy / imitate any of the Sabakuch.com trademarks’ type, style, logos, design, interface or overall commercial impression of any Sabakuch.com portal, blogs or other materials.
  • Registration or usage of domain names which incorporates any of Sabakuch.com trademarks or is confusingly similar to Sabakuch.com trademarks is prohibited.

 Using Sabakuch.com Trademarks in Text

Usage of Sabakuch.com trademarks should strictly be as per this IPR Policy. User may use Sabakuch.com trademarks and refer to Sabakuch.com products and services, provided they conform to all the necessary guidelines. Usage of any of our trademarks which misleads the consumers and affects either of Sabakuch.com sponsorship, affiliation, is prohibited.

“Sabakuch” Corporate Logo- User’s Obligations

A User is not permitted to use “Sabakuch” corporate logo to display or imply any kind of affiliation with Sabakuch.com without prior written permission from Sabakuch.com

Permissible Use

As set forth above, User/s should not use any of Sabakuch.com trademarks or names in any way that portrays or implies any kind of association or affiliation with Sabakuch.com unless permitted by Sabakuch India LLP.

In addition to conformity with other terms of this Policy, and provided the User has prior written permission from Sabakuch India LLP, the permissible use or licensing of Sabakuch.com trademark and other owned/copyrighted materials must be in accordance with the following guidelines:.

Sabakuch.com acknowledges that the use of Sabakuch.com trademarks, excluding any Sabakuch.com logos, may be necessary to refer to Sabakuch’s products or services or to describe the subject matter of some materials, products, and/or programs. All such use must be accurate and descriptive in nature and comply with this Policy and these Guidelines:

  • Users are not permitted to make any alterations, adaptations, modifications, animations, or morph the trademarks owned by Sabakuch.com. For instance, using abbreviations or acronyms for any of our trademarks, usage of prefixes or suffixes to any of our trademarks or using any symbols etc.
  • Users must not use the company name or its trademarks next to User’s name or any of their own products or services.
  • Users must not use “Sabakuch” or any of Sabakuch.com trademarks as part of any products, services, solutions, programme name etc.
  • Users must not combine Sabakuch.com trademarks with any alphabets, numbers, words, figures, design or logo.
  • Users must not use Sabakuch.com trademarks as the visual focal point of any of the materials.
  • “Sabakuch” or Sabakuch.com trademarks should not be prominently displayed in comparison to User’s identity, User’s products or services identity.
  • The name “Sabakuch” or trademarks owned by Sabakuch.com must be visually distinguishable from User/s identity, their product name or services.
  • All reference to Sabakuch.com or use of any Sabakuch.com trademarks or identity must be true, accurate and not misleading.
  • Users must use proper spellings for Sabakuch.com trademarks.
  • Users must not use Sabakuch.com trademarks in plural or possessive forms.
  • Users are not permitted to use any of Sabakuch.com trademarks or names in any way other than their intended use.
  • Users must not use or imitate any Sabakuch.com taglines.
  • Use of ® or ™ symbol in connection with any Sabakuch.com trademarks along with an acknowledgement of Sabakuch.com ownership of its marks and/or logos is mandatory.


These above mentioned policies are not intended to serve as legal advice. If Users have questions regarding their legal rights or duties, they may consult their own attorney. For any further questions regarding our policies you may contact us.