Welcome to Sabakuch.com Help Desk            

At Sabakuch.com we aim to provide you the best of three worlds at one place with our Trio services. It is an Innovative platform which combines a micro blogging portal, a social networking portal and a professional networking portal at one place. We understand that our users will need to invest their time to get accustomed with the technicalities of this portal. We comprehend our responsibilities that follow with our revolutionary Networking portal, and therefore, we always strive to help you to the best of our abilities and take care of your requirements.

Some users might find it difficult to get accustomed with the portal initially, but these problems can easily be overcome by referring to this section. Users manage three avatars on one portal offering a bouquet of features for you to make use of. Users may find it difficult to operate and understand the portal.
In case, you’re facing any problems or seek any explanations, kindly refer to this Section of our Website anytime.

Easy Sign Up, Innovative Sign In

Sign up for Sabakuch.com hardly takes two minutes. You can create an account on Sabakuch.com in a conventional manner by filling up the required fields. Once the account is successfully created, the User must verify the account from their registered email ID. Once verified, the user will get their account activated.
Alternatively, Users can also sign in through the Other Login option, which will let the users register on our portal with their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account.

Getting Started with Sabakuch.com

Once you are registered on Sabakuch.com you will see three different sections, collectively referred to as Trio. The three zones are O-zone, My -Zone and Biz-Zone respectively. The three zones are visible on your Primary home page. Rest of the services, Sabakuch E-learning, Music portal icons are placed on the Top-right Corner of the portal.

Sabakuch homepage

Sabakuch Homepage shows all three sections on a single dashboard. Users can check out news links on the left hand side to check the latest happenings. The Sabakuch homepage summarizes a compact version of all the three zones which are further accessible by clicking on them.

Clicking on O- Zone will redirect the users to the O-Zone main page.

Clicking on My- zone will redirect the users to My-Zone home page. Clicking on the Biz- Zone section will redirect users to the Biz- Zone section.

A flip board on the side gives you an insight to E-learning portal. It gives the users a quick look in to the lectures and notes available on the portal.

Getting Started with O-Zone

Our Micro blogging portal lets the users broadcast their opinions & ideas and share images and videos. O-zone messaging is a blogging exercise where the opinions or the mini-blog posts are shared with a wider circle of users. Similar to blog sites, O-zone is good for quick updates by the users. Users can be a part of trending discussions and follow the activities of other users in their network whom they choose to follow. This web section of Sabakuch.com comprises of creating new topics for discussions with a hashtag option or be a part of the larger trending discussions with the same option.

How do I expand my circle at O-zone?

  • You may invite your friends to create an account on Sabakuch.com to expand your circle at O-zone. You may then find them with their registered username and follow them. You can sync or import your contacts from your email ID
  • You can also refer to the Follow suggestions on the right hand side below the Trending topics and follow more users.
  1. How do I follow my friends?
    1. Type your friends’ username in the search box, once their profile appears, a tab Follow will appear on the screen.
    2. Click on the tab and you will connect to their O-zone blog.
    3. Go to their timelines and explore their posts, links and pictures.
    4. You can also invite your friends to sabakuch.com and connect them to your circle through your registered ID on sabakuch.com.
  1. Your Timeline
    1. Your timeline will display all the posts shared by the people you are following as well as your own posts.
    2. Once you Follow, you will be able to see the pictures, videos and links shared by them on your own timeline. You can comment/Reply or share any message on you wall. The star sign is for favorite. If you like any link or image you may add it to your favorites by clicking on the star button.
  1. How Do I make posts?
    1. Once you enter O-Zone you will find the screen divided in two sections --- My Posts and Public Posts.
    2. Click on the let me say box which expands to reveal more options. This is where you can write your ideas or opinions and video links and other links. You can add your picture with the Add Photo tab beneath the Let me say box.
    3. You can also add location to your post by typing the location’s name. The place will be displayed tagged in Google Maps showing your location. The Feature lets you tag you and your friends and keep others updated about your travel experiences with them.
    4. Categorize your Posts: You can categorize your interests with the drop down menu on the right hand side. You can choose and categorize which category your post falls into. The people who have selected to view posts on their preferred categories will be able to have access on the public posts posted under their preferred categories.
    5. Click on the Post tab, to publish your post.

  1. Who can view my posts?
    1. The Drop-down menu at the bottom of the Let me say box allows the user to limit the audience.
    2. Users get 4 options in the drop down menu:

Share with Public- Shares the post with everyone on O-zone

Share with My Zone- Shares post with My Zone My post section along with O-zone

Share with Biz-Zone- Shares post along with My post section Biz Zone

Share with My-zone + Biz Zone- Shares post with your My zone and Biz zone private post section along with O-zone.

                The users can choose to make their posts visible accordingly.

  1. Other Icons

Icons on the Menu Bar

There are Icons in the Menu bar (above the let me say box) which redirects the users to their specified links and lets the users keep a track on their activities. The Icons and details are undermentioned in a left-to-right order.

The first Icon is the link is the Profile Tab, which redirects the User to their profile page. The users can update their about me and check or uncheck the topics of interests in the checkbox categories enlisted there.

The second Icon is the Notifications link which gives details of the activities on your O-zone section. The notifications icon will display the number of notifications that are yet to be attended by you.

The Third icon is Favorites where you can check out the pictures and posts you have favourited.

The fourth icon is the   Messages section where you can compose messages to your friends and others and check the messages sent by others.

Fifth icon helps to let you check and manage whom you’re following. You can un-follow any User from here. Below the following option is a Settings icon which has the options to send direct message, Block or Report the person or add the person to your priority list.

Sixth Icon redirects to the list of followers who are following you. You can choose to make them unfollow you by clicking on the following tab. The settings option below the Tab lets you send a direct message or block the person.

The Next Icon is that of your Priority list which comprises of the people you have put on priority. You can manage your priority users here. Priority list helps surface the posts by your prioritized members on your timeline so you don’t miss out on their updates.

The last Icon Sync Contacts on the list synchronizes your list. It helps import your contacts from registered email ID. The users, if present on Sabakuch.com, will appear in the suggestions. You can also invite your email connections to join your Sabakuch network.

Icons in the My Posts section

Beneath every published post, there will appear three simultaneous options. A Rightward pointing Arrow which is the Reply option. With the reply option you can comment on any user’s opinion. Alternatively, this space can also be used to mention any other information or correction.

The X option is for deleting the published post.

The Star icon stands for adding any published post to your favorites list. The favorites list can be accessed on the Menu bar.

The Downward Arrow expands to reveal the shares and favorites count. The number of shares by the people of your posts by the followers or others in the public domain will be shown numerically in red. The arrow displays the reply thread at the bottom.

The Refresh button at the top of My Posts refreshes the section.

Icons in the Public Posts section

This section explains the icons in the public posts section in a left to right order.

The first icon or the sideward arrow is for replying to the posts. You may post in your comments and replies to any of the posts in the public section.

The second icon is of rounded arrows which shares a post. If you like any posts in the Public posts section you can share it using this Icon. The shared post will be displayed on your Timeline and will be visible to your friends.

The star is for adding any post as a favorite in the public section. It will be added to your favorites list in the Menu bar.

The next icon is the Settings icon where the users get two options to Mute posts by the publisher (user) and Block /Report the User or the Post.

The last option in the row i.e., the Downward Arrow has the same function in the My Posts section


  1. How can I be a part of discussions?
    At Sabakuch.com, you can give your opinions in lesser words, in case the topic is in vogue or is trending, and you wish your thoughts and ideas to connect to a wider audience, use hash tag for relevant words without giving any spacing between keywords for example #Sabakuch. Using a hash tag before the keywords will create a new topic of discussion.

    Click on the newly created topic all the posts with similar tags by random users will get enlisted under the topic.

    You can always search the created topic in the search box to refer to the topic. In case, the topic you started is a hot topic or a trending topic with considerable posts under it, the topic will automatically be displayed as trending on the right hand side of the screen.
    If you wish to express on either of the trending topics, click on the link and comment on the page.

At any time, if you’re facing problems in getting our Lingo, please refer to our Sabakuch glossary section.

Understanding My-zone

My-Zone is our social networking portal. My Zone helps you connect with your friends and family as well as new people. My Zone keeps you in sync with the updates by your friends and loved ones and lets you make new friends. My Zone is like a virtual society on the web. Sabakuch.com gives you the liberty to connect with friends across the globe. Get into a quick chat with your online friends on the Chat messenger. You can compose personalized messages to your friends’ inbox. My-Zone opens a world of opportunities for you to stay in touch and re-unite with your old friends and lost contacts. You can post your messages, share pictures and videos. You can also share articles on other websites.

You can maintain different photo albums and compile your pictures. You can upload unlimited photo albums.

  1. How do I make Posts?
    1. Right below the menu box is the Let Me Say box. You can express your opinions as status. In case you wish to add a photograph as the status, you can add it using the Add Photo Tab provided right below.
    2. Users can also give textual descriptions along with the uploaded photographs by typing in the Let Me Say Box. Both the things will simultaneously be published.
    3. You can upload a video directly from your system by using Add Video tab. Select the desired video from the computer and it will be attached to the let me say box. You can further add any description or your comments to the video you have uploaded.
    4. You can tag your friends in any post by clicking on the Tag friend icon at the bottom. By tagging specific people, you can involve them in your post. Tagging friends will make your post appear simultaneously on their timelines.
    5. You can also add your location, letting your friends know of your whereabouts by clicking onto the location tag. Location tracker will enlist your location which will be displayed along with your message.
    6. Click on the Post tab to publish your post.
  1. Who can View my posts?

You can choose the audience for your posts by selecting the options in Visible to: Drop –down menu. Selecting the audience options is same as that in the O-zone. In case you want to keep your posts visible only to your O-zone, My-Zone and Biz-zone contacts only select the third option. This will ensure privacy from the public posts domain

  1. Icons on the Menu Bar

    The Icons on the Menu Bar are explained here in the Left to right order.

    Profile Icon: First icon in the series is the Profile Icon. The profile icon gives you the access to the edit profile window where the users can write about themselves or uploading profile picture. The information entered here is accessible by other users. This information is displayed on your profile. 

    • Set your Profile Picture- with the Profile picture option, you can upload a picture of yours which will be visible to other users. You can have a different picture on all of the sections.
    • Relationship Status- A drop down menu lets you enter your current relationship status.
    • Write about yourself- You can write about yourself in the given space provided. The information is displayed on your profile page.
    • Website Name- You can include any of your other Website links or other links for your friends to reach out to you in an alternative way. For example, you can post your Blog link in this space, so that the people can read on your blog.
    • Save Changes- Save the changes by clicking on to the Save Tab every time you make any changes.      

    Notifications: The Notifications Icon lets you keep a track on all the latest activities on your wall. It keeps you updated about the likes, shares, tags etc by your friends on your posts. Once you click on a notification, it redirects you to the point where the activity took place.

    Make your Personalized Photo albums- The next icon compiles your Photo albums. You can create and manage photo albums and upload the best of your pictures. You can upload as many pictures as you like. You can search for specific albums in the search box provided. You can sort your pictures as recent uploads or oldest uploads.

    Personalized messages- You can compose personalized messages for your friends in this section. You can send messages to your friends’ inbox. The messages will not be displayed on either of you’re my posts or public posts. But will only reach the Inbox of the person thus selected. You can select multiple messages to every person individually.

    Create Groups- The users can create their own random groups depending upon their interests. The only prerequisite is to have an idea for forming a group. You can create a group based on anything you like, dislike, for causes, petitions, for networking etc. You can become a member of other operational groups that have been created by other users. The groups section will give you three options.

    • My Groups: You will see two sub-heads under this heading – Groups you Manage and Groups you are in.
    • Groups: You manage the groups created by you. You are the administrator to these groups. Once you enter my groups section you will see three options- My Groups, Suggested Groups and create a new Group.

      Option My Group enlists all the groups created by you under the Groups you Manage sub-heading.

       The second sub- heading on the list is of the Groups you are in lists all the groups you’re a part of.

      The Second Tab is of Suggested Groups which gives you suggestions of the Groups running on sabakuch. These are generally popular groups running on the portal. The groups will be suggested as per your interests.

      The Third tab is Create a New Group which any user can create their own new groups of different types. These groups can be of three types i.e., Public Groups which are open for all, A closed group which lets you moderate the membership and activities and a secret group which has members added only with invitation. A secret group will not remain visible to non-members.

      You can search for a specific group from search a group option.

      Friend Requests: The friend requests tab lets the user know about the friend requests they have received. You can confirm the request to add the person to your friends list. Or you can deny the request by pressing the ignore tab.

      You can also search your friends with the Search Friends space by entering their name or username and City of residence.

      Friends List: The friend list icon lists all your friends on my-zone. You can also unfriend people from your list in this space.

  1. How Do I communicate with friends?

You can communicate with your online friends through the Chat messenger. The chat messenger lets you talk to your online friends. For offline friends, you can use offline messaging in the message section on the menu box.

You can click on the Chat Messenger. You can join and create different chat rooms and chat with people, share pictures, send emoticons and express yourself.  The chat messenger icon is on the down-left corner of the screen and is available all the time. However, your friends on my zone will be visible as online.

You can use the online messenger and connect with your friends online on My-zone. The online messenger icon is on the down- right corner of my zone section.


Getting Noticed with Biz-Zone

Biz- Zone is our professional networking portal. Our professional networking portal lets the users connect to professionals in their own personal network or people that are related to their field of profession. With Biz-Zone the users can also connect with employers, through employers’ company pages. Users can grab any new job opportunities that are posted by the employers. For employers who are looking for talented employees, the section can be a means to their end.

Biz- Zone has a host of features, essential for a convenient business networking. Instead of having Followers and friends in O-Zone and My- Zone, we have connections in Biz Zone.

  1. How do I make connections?
    You can go to your suggestions section and which displays the people you may know. You can add the people you know at your workplace.

    You can also add people, whom you do not know, but who are having profiles, similar to your field in order to expand your network.

    The contacts which have been exported through your connected e-mail account will also be shown in the suggestions list.

    You can add Groups suggestions on the right hand side.

  1. How do I make posts?
    Similar to My-zone, you can write in the Let me Say box. Your activities will be visible to your connections.

    You can also connect and share pictures with your connections on my-zone.

    Your posts will be visible in your timeline. Posts by others will be visible in others’ timeline.

    Post your messages/comments using the Post button.

  1. Who can view my posts?
    You can choose to share your posts with:

    -Public - this allows the user to share the posts with all the general users on Biz-zone.

    -Connections- This feature lets you share your posts only with the connections on your professional network. The feeds from your profile will remain visible only on the timeline of your connections.

    Share in Ozone- Sharing in O-zone allows the users to share the feeds on your O-zone timeline along with Biz-Zone Private Posts and Public Posts.

    Share in My Zone- Sharing in My-zone shares the feeds on your Biz- zone on you’re my zone’s private posts timeline.

    Share in O zone+ My Zone – This option lets you share the feeds you post on your Biz-zone with your O- zone and My-Zone timeline.

  1. Where Do I See My Profile Visitors?
    You can see who visited your profile in the Profile Visitors option at the bottom.
  1. How can I create my Company Page?
    If you wish to create your own company page, go to the Companies Icon in the Menu bar. You will see a Create a Company Page header. You can click on the Create tab and create your own company page.

    The Tab redirects you to a page where you will be asked to fill in all the necessary details about the company which will be visible on your profile.

    Fill in the undermentioned asking for Company Name, E-mail Address and Company’s Description. You can select an appropriate image, such as the company Logo in PNG, JPEG or GIF format.

    Other Details:

    You can choose company the type of your company depending upon its nature. The Drop box Company Type enlists the company types as Public company, educational company, Self-employed, Government Agency, Non-Profit, Self-owned, Privately held. You can mention the Strength of your company under the company size tab. Add the company website’s URL under the Website’s URL header.  You can select company’s core services or industries from the Drop box provided.

    Year of establishment of the company should be provided under the Year Founded head. Company’s address should be noted under the company’s address box provided.

    When you are done with providing all the necessary details, click on the Create page given below. Alternatively, if you wish to reset all the fields to blank, then click on the Reset page and fill the details again.

  1. Icons on the Menu Bar
    There are various icons on the menu bar with different and specified functions. You can refer to this section in order to get more details about their working.
    • Profile – the Profile icon leads you to your profile summary section where you can update your profile and your professional summary. You can add your skills and your interest areas. You can write about yourself in the “About me” section where you can write about yourself.

    You can give your professional details in the Professional summary section.

    Experience- You can fill in your details under the experience section. Experience section has a box mentioning Designation, where you can mention your present or previous designation in case you have experience. The Company Name Box is where you will enter the name of the company you were previously employed with.

    Roles and Responsibilities- under Roles and responsibilities section, you will mention all the roles and responsibilities you were assigned with, in your previous company. You will mention the work you carried on in the previous company.

    Duration of employment- A drop box with month and a corresponding drop box with year enables the user to enter the time period of their employment.

    Company Logo And Company URL – You can provide the company logo of the company you are currently employed with or your previous employer’s company logo in the box provided. You can post the Company’s website’s URL in a similar box provided.

    Add- You can add more of such Past designation details by clicking on the Add button.

    • Connections- The connections tab lists all the connections we have on our list. The connections tab also has running suggestions of people whom you can add to your circle. You can either add the people to your connection list or block them in case someone bugs you or you no longer wish to remain in contact with them.

     You can manage the list of your connections. You can send messages to a connection with the message    option provided at the bottom. You can remove a connection from your list with “x” icon. The Tags   icon

    Sort connections- The sort connections drop box lets you take a look at your list as per the relevance which you select.

     You can sort by Recent Conversation, First name, Last Name, New.

    Search: You can search your connections by typing their names in the search box.

    • Groups- In the groups section, you can create your own group by clicking on the Create group tab. Once you create a group, you can select an image for your group icon by clicking on the Choose File option. You can upload pictures in PNG, JPEG or GIF format only. You can Name your Group in the Group Name You can select the type of the group based on its nature. Select your Group type with the drop box provided under the group type caption. You can select from the categories of Alumni, Corporate Group, Conference, Networking, Non-profit, professional or other. You can begin the discussions or share something in a group in the box provided

    You can write a description of your group in the description box provided at the bottom. Description will remain visible whenever the users access the group page.

    You can add your company’s Website URL in the box with the caption Website.  You can add your email id in the box provided.
    Find Group- You can find any existing groups by clicking on the find group tab. You can enter any topic of interest as a keyword to find groups related to your interests.

    Save: You can save all the details with the Save button provided at the bottom of the page.

    • Companies Icon: The companies icon on the profile, redirects you to the search page. You can search a company by typing the name of the company in the Search box. You can follow the company by clicking on the Follow button provided. Following lets you follow the company profile so that you get quick updates about any job openings posted by them. Once you enter a company’s profile home, you will be able to see all the details and the profile of the company.  You can create your own company page by clicking on the Create tab provided. For detailed information, refer to our section on making a company page here.
    • Requests: You can access your connection requests in this section. You can choose to accept the request in case you want to add the person to your connections list or you can ignore the request by clicking on the Ignore button.
    • Messages: Messages section is similar to that of the messages section in My-Zone. You can send offline messages by clicking on the icon to your connections. For more details refer to the icon descriptions in my Zone and read more about offline messaging.
    • Notifications: The notification option gives you the Notifications about the new connections added, likes on your posts or requests etc. Any activity which takes place in your Biz-zone is displayed under notifications. By clicking on either of the notification you will be redirected to the place of action, same as in case of My-Zone and O-Zone.

    Public Posts

    Public posts will display all the posts poured in by your connections on Biz Zone

    You can like, comment and share in a similar way as in O-Zone or Biz-Zone.

    Like and Comment: Like and Comment sections under the posts are similar as in O-Zone and My-Zone.

Getting Acquainted to E-Learning

The E-learning portal on Sabakuch.com compiles learning material for students. The study material on e-learning portal is available in Audio-Visual, Audio and Visual formats such as notes and sample papers on PDF format.

Once you enter the E-Learning homepage, you will come across four sections on the menu bar. These sections cover subjects such as History, Biology, English, etc.

Learners can select topics of their preference from a host of categories and refer to the information provided therein. 

Videos: Videos Section compiles videos in various categories. The videos section comprises of videos related to the main category under each subhead. Click right in the middle of the video in order to play the video. You can see the duration of the video beside the progress bar.

How can I play my videos?
You need to have cookies downloaded and necessary plug-ins enabled to play the videos in case they are not supported.

Browsers usually notify available downloads for various plugins required for playing the videos. Try downloading the required plug-ins.

In case of any problems, try using a different browser with available downloads if possible.

Audio Section
The audio section compiles the audio notes of different subjects. The users can make use of Audio notes by simply clicking on the inbuilt Audio player.

How do I play my Audio files?
If you wish to play any Audio file, simply click on the play button provided in the Audio player.

You can control the Audio Volume through the inbuilt audio controller.
Further, if you are unable to listen to the Audio files, ensure that you have plugged in the Audio Jack on the correct ports.
You may need to enable and download Audio Plug-ins for the browser.
You may try using a different browser in case there are compatibility issues.
You may also update your browser.

The notes section comprises of notes on choicest of topics which are of great help for the students. The students can refer the notes for quick learning.

I cannot Access my Notes
The notes are in a PDF file format. Please ensure that you have an active Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat or other such PDF viewer installed on your browser.
In case the notes are not getting opened, the problem could be of a slow internet connection.
You may try refreshing the PDF or wait till it gets downloaded completely.


It is a unique way to prepare as well as check one`s ability for a competition. The entire section of E-Mock Paper of a particular competition /class is divided in 3 sections i.e. Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. The Beginner level includes a combination of more easy questions and the standard of question keeps on increasing from Beginner to Intermediate and to Expert. One has to qualify beginner level in order to move onto Intermediate and subsequently to expert level . The Expert level is attempted to match with the standards of competition.
E-Mock Paper is generated by the intelligent system of Sabakuch where each paper presents different questions/options upon every new login

Users are required to read the instructions before each attempting any E-Mock Ppaer carefully. The time count begins on the click of the start button. The paper cannot be paused and in case user starts any other session by choosing to leave the page, then the test would be deemed finished. Users can come back to the question already attempted but once they finish the same or time lapses then the E-Mock Paper would be treated as completed and result will flash.

Users can go to their dashboard to view the result and also to see the correct answers along with solutions wherever they have attempted the questions.