Tips to Organize Social Media Like a Pro


It looks like everyone is into social media these days. The internet has brought people together from all over the world to communicate without any boundaries. The presence of more than a dozen best social networking sites today is a testimony to the growing presence of online communication.

However, with so many different websites around, it is getting more and more complicated to stay up to date, and post engaging and unique content and basically stay organized.


Here are some tips that you can use to effectively manage and organize your social media like a pro:


  1. Sort Out Your Goals


 Make your goals and objectives as precise as possible otherwise you will end up beating around the bush and won’t get proper results.

  • Another important aspect in this context is a thing called ‘’Social Media Calendar’’. Ask any pro in this field and they would tell you that it’s the hardest thing to manage social media marketing when you do not have a plan. Get a social media calendar and align it with your goals and objectives. It should include –
  1. All your company’s social networks and types of content that you will be posting
  2. A proper spreadsheet to arrange the data. Spreadsheets are quite cost-effective.
  3. An overview of the week ahead and holidays. This would make you feel assured knowing that your profiles are successfully set for the coming days

Plan far enough and give yourself some time so that each post is well thought out before it reaches the audience.


  1. Choose the Right Social Networks


Spread out your social media options according to the need of your audience and your own niche. Make a strategy on the ways you will engage with the audience through different social media sites.

  • This will depend on two factors: The network you choose and your company’s situation.

Let’s consider the first factor:


  • Numerous online networking destinations bring to the table a greater number of elements than others. Know that you and your company live a virtual life on the net.
  • The photographs, icons and quotes that you post are a reflection of your identity and they should be different on each portal.


While sites like Facebook have a fixed way of posting updates, you must have regular short updates on Twitter or Sabakuch.

  • This will also depend on how your company or firm’s finances and human resources are.
  • For a small business it will not be easy to handle three or more networks, so it’s better to have a look and assess and then decide the best ones for you.


  1. Have some Quick Ways to Productivity on Social Media
  • The difference between a pro and a beginner can be gauged from the time they take to post and manage their content. An example of this statement include the windows and tabs open on their computers.
  • Most of the experienced social media managers use windows and tabs in a certain order and memorize that. This helps them to toggle quickly between calendar, social streams, post requests, calendar, royalty free stock photos, etc.
  • Closing the tabs once you’re done with them also helps you to see which updates are happening and which are done.
  • The bottom line is that having multiple tabs open doesn’t make you extra productive. In fact, it works in the opposite way. Plus, it definitely affects your computer’s RAM as well.

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  • Another way to wok quickly is to sync your future work list on all digital devices.
  • You can make use of a software/application like Wunderlist or through which you can edit and re-arrange your work on priority basis.
  • These programs also allow you to share your list with partners and get reminder for any deadlines.
  • The best part is that it can sync office computer, home computer and mobile phone


So, which tips do you use in your managing of social media? Share them in the comments section.

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