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Human Chain Sabakuch

New Delhi: We all know trees play a crucial role in improving our quality of life but in modern age cities unsightly structures and activities and hard lines of buildings have removed lush green natural trees.

Sabakuch Human Chain

In this aspect, New Delhi based startup, Sabakuch.com launched a Green Delhi Drive along with a Adopt A Tree Campaign. The campaign aims to make contribution to environment By being responsible for adopting a sapling or adopting it to life, and a positive mark on planet Earth.




Human Chain RKS




On Friday, Sabakuch took up a social cause under its Green Delhi Initiative, By Running a campaign with the title ‘’Adopt A Tree”, to spread awareness about deforestation, growing pollution and benefits of having trees in the city of Delhi.

Human Chain Public

The volunteers formed a Human chain to save the Trees with placards to spread awareness and encourage the initiative at Connaught Place in Delhi.Human Chain Adopt A Tree

Speaking to Ten News, volunteers said,

“By not caring for trees we will make it unlivable for our children and ourselves. Adopt A Tree is like a pledge that we take to protect, nurture, and preserve the trees around us.Trees and us, are dependent on each other in order to keep a healthy ecosystem. Cutting down trees not only affects us humans but also affects the birds and animals that live on it.”

Human Chain Sabakuch Initiative Source : https://goo.gl/pJBuzn

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