2 Months Preparation Strategy for IIT JEE Main 2020

IIT JEE Main Exam 2020 - Sabakuch E-Learning

JEE Main 2020 is scheduled from 6 to 11 January 2020. Hardly two months are left for the final IIT JEE Mains 2020 Exam.


Only hardworking is not sufficient to crack the JEE main exam. A systematically planned and scheduled preparation will lead to the best appearance in final exams.

IIT JEE Main 2020 Exam - Preparation Planning

For well-defined planning, complete in-depth knowledge of what you want to plan is necessary. Here it is necessary to know in details about pattern, syllabus, topic wise tentative distribution of questions, level of difficulty and class. You must include JEE main online mock test in your planning as an important part.

IIT JEE Main 2020 Exam Pattern:

The JEE Main exam will cover prescribed syllabus from Class 11 and 12. 40% from class 11 and 60% from class 12 is expected in the exam. Another important factor is the best course material. Books of best writers must be purchased considering it as a necessary investment.

The pattern of JEE 2020 has changed with the inclusion of 5 questions of number based answers (answers in numeric form ranging from 0 to 9) in each subject. Total 25 questions (20 MCQ+5 number answer based) from each subject will come in the exam. MCQ questions have negative marking for wrong answers. Number based answers are more difficult as you have to answer out of ten numbers ranging from 0 to 9, but there is no negative marking for wrong answers. You must attempt these numbers to answer questions.  

Purchase Best Books:

Purchase the best books on the subject for IIT JEE main 2020 exam preparation taking it as a necessary investment. Some of the best books covering some topics are given below for consideration:-

Physics books written by D.C. Pandey is good for JEE Mains preparation:-

Subject/ Topics Book Name Author Name
Kinematics Mechanics Part 1 & 2 D. C. Pandey
Waves & Thermodynamics Understanding Physics for JEE Main & JEE Advanced Waves & Thermodynamics D. C. Pandey
Electromagnetism Understanding Physics Electricity Magnetism D. C. Pandey

Mathematics book:

Trigonometry Coordinate Geometry for IIT-JEE S K Goyal
Trigonometry Algebra for JEE Main & Advanced Arihant Publications
Trigonometry Higher Algebra 4th Edition Hall and Knight
Probability Introduction to Probability & Theory and Its Application Volume I for JEE Main & JEE (Advance) William Feller
Calculus Calculus and Analytical Geometry Thomas and Finney
Calculus Differential Calculus for IIT-JEE Amit Agarwal  
Calculus Integral Calculus for IIT-JEE Amit Agarwal

Chemistry Books:

In-organic Chemistry Text Books for Inorganic Chemistry for Competitions O P Tondon
In-organic Chemistry Concise Inorganic Chemistry J D Lee
Organic Chemistry Organic Chemistry Solomon and Fryhle
Organic Chemistry Organic Chemistry Morrison & Boyd

Make 2 months detailed schedule:

Two months should be divided into month, week and day/date. All three subjects should be first listed with topic name wise. Now schedule all topics during 2 months period in such a way that all three subjects are considered in the week. It should not be like a schedule complete one subject first then go for another subject.

 An example is given below:

First Month:

Week Subject Topic
1 Physics Electro Dynamics
1 Mathematics Coordinate Geometry
1 Chemistry Physical Chemistry
2 Physics Heat & Thermodynamics
2 Mathematics Differential Calculus
2 Chemistry Physical Chemistry
3 Physics Mechanics
3 Mathematics Integral Calculus
3 Chemistry Organic Chemistry

Fourth week of First Month should be scheduled for revision and mock test on subject/ topics prepared.

Second Month:

Week Subject Topic
1 Physics Modern Physics
1 Mathematics Matrix Determinants
1 Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry
2 Physics Optics
2 Mathematics Probability
2 Chemistry Organic Chemistry
3 Physics SHM & Waves
3 Mathematics Trigonometry
3 Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry

The fourth week of the Second month should be scheduled for revision and JEE mock tests on the complete syllabus. JEE mains mock test free online are available on various websites. You can first practice on them. It is also advisable to go for a paid JEE main online mock test. Mock test certainly tests your status of preparation and improves your scoring and gives you confidence for the final exam. You can analyze your performance, improve upon your previous test based on the statistics and solutions they provide.

Keep yourself Stress-Free:

Sabakuch E-learning Stress Free IIT Jee

The daily time table must include a sound sleep of 7 hours. After sleep, you gain fresh energy to grasp what you study. Whenever you feel stressed, take a break, you may go for a walk or play games. Never be panic in the last moments. Include stress-busters in your daily schedule. Be confident that what you have prepared is best and you will certainly give your best in the final exam.

You are certainly going to crack the IIT JEE Main 2020 Exam. All the Best. 🙂

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