Where should I post my music?

The digital platform keeps upgrading to ease its use and benefits. The artist who follows digital technologies must be aware of file sharing and digital marketing via different social media channels. But still, many artists struggle and looking for an answer where should I post my music? Don’t lag behind due to unawareness of right online platforms to upload, share, and promote their music.


Before moving forward to provide essential list we need to think and analyze what are the important factors to focus: First, the most important question is your target audience belongs to which community, genres? The second question is Understanding and expectation of the audience? The third and most important question is which website will help you to earn money online while uploading songs?

Keeping these queries in mind a little research we did to offer and sort your struggle to find the best online platform to upload your songs. iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Google Play, Audiomack, Sabakuch.com, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Gaana.com, Hungama.com these are few names we recommend to post your music and earn money online. Below here we will highlight features of some website that can help you to choose wisely for you.

iTunes is known for its prime range of users and listeners. If an artist looking to earn big in short this platform is your stop destination. But you make sure your music should match the expectation of the audience. A big brand name itself helps your recognition of music.

YouTube is an open platform to all whether you are a rising artist or established star. This platform will take your music to all type genres. You can upload latest movie songs or your own composed music.

Since a decade Spotify ruling the digital musical platform. Due to huge music library full of music from major artist attracts users and new artist. Spotify has a number of good features but for an individual artist it might be a good platform.

You cannot deny Google Play as this musical platform serves by the most powerful company. If you believe to take over all kind of music lovers then go to Google Play. A huge base of android mobile users relies on Google Play.

Sabakuch.com is an emerging musical website with ranging option to upload your music in free and earn money from your music. You can compose live and upload your music on the website. On each paly of your music, you will get paid.

How can I make money online with music?

1) Create your online account in free on any one of above mentioned musical website, start upload your music and earn money. 2) You can create your online account in anyone or in all above mentioned musical website in free. Upload your music in these websites and earn money. Some of them will pay you according to reach of your music or number of follower or on each play of your music.

What’s the best site to upload music?

1) Plenty of musical website offer that you can upload your music on their website. But you need to choose wisely according to your priority which website has good number of listeners.

How can I make fast money online?

1) If you are looking to make fast money online then start upload music, videos of songs on website which pay for your uploaded music.

How do you get paid for your music?

Most online musical website offers monetize option for your music, when you upload it on their website. Also you can create your channel on their website and upload your playlist to get paid for your music.

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