Update Your Music Playlist with these 5 Hot Monsoon Songs

monsoon songs

The season of rains is here and what is monsoon without a hot Monsoon Songs? Rains and songs in Bollywood music have the ability to drive a range of emotions in us.


From love, lust, to passion and pain, monsoon songs are a reflection of many emotions.


This rainy season, give an update to your music playlist with these 5 hot and sensual monsoon songs and let the rains wash you with love and passion with your special one.


  1. Roop Tera Mastana


A young man and a woman take shelter from the rain inside a small room, fight the urge to consummate their love in this old mp3.


The amazing interplay between the accordion and sax in between the stanzas is as romantic as it gets in this old mp3. And it mirrors the sensuous dance taking place between the characters on the screen.



  1. Saanson ko Saanson Mein/Hum Tum


A rain song that instils romance in every drop of rain and every beat of the Bollywood music. Watch out for the intimate chemistry between Saif and Rani in this hindi songs. An evergreen monsoon song for your music playlist



  1. Kabhi Jo Badal Barse


This hindi songs has three special qualities; the melodious voice of Arijit Singh, words that convey emotions perfectly. And Sunny Leone, who can make anyone refreshingly drenched in cool, pure rainwater. A gem in the list of monsoon songs.



  1. Bhaage Re Mann


Kareena’s sexy dance and rain; what else is needed there to make Bollywood music awesome? The film Chameli (2004) was appreciated by critics and audience for Bebo’s portrayal of a sex worker. Her character in the movie and the enthralling effect of rain, accompanied with the beautiful lyrics ignited sparks among the audience in this rain songs.



  1. Jo Haal Dil Ka


With the sizzling chemistry of Aamir Khan and Sonali Bendre on screen, this monsoon song is too hot to handle. Although this film is on a serious topic, this old mp3 makes even monsoon hot with some outstanding romantic performance and vibrant costume colors.


Jo Haal Dil Ka” featuring Aamir and Sonali makes even monsoon hot, withtheir outstanding romantic performance and the vibrant costume colours.

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