Unmute your Music talent

Create Your Own Stage of Music

Stage & Public is in Your Handy, You Just Need to Perform

Music is something which everyone loves, whether in any form. Some loves to play musical instruments, song writing, singing and some loves to listen and feel the soul. In the era of Artificial Intelligence music also being examined and explored. In April 2019, R&B artist NAO teamed up with Microsoft to use machine learning and artificial intelligence for an interactive music video. Music is above the languages and boarder of geographical & cultural boundary. Music itself a complete culture  without any boundaries, languages and colors.

Since technology shaken hand in hand with music, now artists can create their own stage to perform, publish, connect and reach to the audience.  Whether you are seating in one room apartment, resting beach side, belongs to any faraway place Or rural area Or small city.

There are number of musical applications where artists can create new music and upload their songs. These music apps are available in android and iPhone too. One can download these app. from play store. Few of musical app gives the opportunity to connect and perform with top artists of the industry. And some of other musical app provides monetizing options on uploading of songs.

Like an artist recorded and uploaded his/her own song in the app. after a certain number of likes and reach to the audience they will get paid for the uploaded song. In addition reach of songs can open the big platforms.

Similarly, in the same app. a music lover and listener can download or listen the songs in same time.


You can check out these Musical Apps :-


  1. Smule App.
  2. SoundCloud
  3. com
  4. Song Exploder
  5. Stereogum


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