Spirit of World Music Day Captured in These 10 Quotes


Music brings the worlds closer and June 21 brings us to World Music Day.


Also known as Fete de la Musique after a music festival that began in France in 1982, this day has become a part of pop culture. And, musicians and their fans show each other their appreciation.


As the world still is enjoying its favorite English songs, hindi songs, and many other new mp3 songs, we too shall understand the importance that this week brings us.



Here are 10 Quotes by some wonderful artists from around the world that capture the spirit of World Music Day. Enjoy!


AR Rahman-sabakuch

A.R. Rahman – The universal language of music albums or online music is truly magnificent. AR Rahman – the maestro himself thinks so




Darren Hayes (Savage Garden) – When we listen mp3 online it creates amazing images. It is like a time machine that lets you revisit lost and forgotten moments in life. Darren Hayes, former member of Savage Garden describes it in this line.




John Lennon: Melodies is more than just to listen mp3 songs, or play new mp3 songs. It is strangely tangible, it’s something to feel.



U2 (Bono): When we play songs, the boundaries between us diminish.




Lata Mangeshkar: The discovery of latest music songs doesn’t just happens on online music sites. It happens in your soul too even when you do not tend to listen mp3 online




Prince: We lost Prince last year, but his English songs still show the revolution that they brought in the lives of Black people



Whitney Houston: Melodies heals the worn soul, mends the broken heart, spreads love, circulates hope, and well runs beyond borders and is not governed by any system and is independent in itself.




Bob Marley: When we create new mp3 songs, they aren’t just pieces of notes put together. They sometimes contain deep philosophical messages that can change the world.



Howard Shore: Often words can’t express our emotions but the melodies and instruments can. Such is the power of instruments and sounds of our latest music songs.




Adele: To play songs is find the perfect escape. We can create our own worlds just playing the tunes



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