Know Your Personality in these 5 Music Genres

Do you ever feel that people around you judge you on the basis of your favorite music genres? Do you feel that you bond with others instantly if they like to play songs, the same as you?


Several studies have over the years, shown that all songs you play, have a relation to your personal identity. They can be English songs or hindi songs. The genre is the key here.


So, what does your mp3 free music say about you. Let’s find out with these 5 music genres:



Pop Music Genres


A pop songs or popular songs lover is right on the opposite side of the Metal guy. Those who listen pop songs have their personality totally different than the rest.

Studies suggest that if you love these chart-buster mp3 free music,

you are likely an extrovert
. But, you may be lacking in creativity.

Popular songs depict personality traits that could also include a turbulent nature and nervous character. You have a high self-esteem and have no problem with doing some hard-work.



Rap & Hip-Hop


Outgoing, true extrovert, social and ready to party. That’s who you are likely if you play songs from rap and hip-hop music genres

You have an energetic and rhythmic vibe with a pretty high self-esteem (who doesn’t really?). Kanye West fans, anyone?





As a fan of rock music, you are an explorer of future possibilities. An intuitive person, you relate information to other pieces of information.

Rock listeners are a relaxed and flexible bunch of people. Now rock has some different kinds.

If your hobby is to search classic rock songs on online music sites, then most probably a hard-worker and loves nostalgic vibes. When it comes to challenges, you are both relaxed and flexible.

Indie rock enthusiasts are the opposite of classic ones. Studies suggest that they are a little lazy, can have a lower self-esteem. However, indie rockers are more creative.



Metallic Songs


Metal music fans are distinctive and are the opposite of fans of popular songs. They are introvert and very intuitive. They live in a world of ideas and reflection.

Any new information does not have to be tangible for metallic songs fans to interpret, analyse and process it.

And, even if metallic songs can be dark but these fans may individually be a gentle and creative people when it comes to mp3 free music.

Music psychologist Adrian North says metal fans are “the same kind of person” as classical music lovers. If only a bit younger.





There is cliché for fans of classical music. Fans of this genre are usually smarter than others. This is known as “The Mozart Effect”.

You have good intuition and a lot of self-esteem. You tend to trust incoming information that is less dependent on the senses.

Your personality is such that you play songs and love complex symphonies and compositions. Pop music can often be too dull for you.

Listening to music is a theatrical experience and you have a great creative mind. A trait which is common with metal fans.





Most people listen to more than one music genres, and you should too! While our music genres may tell a little bit about our personalities. It is not supposed to divide us but unite us. Like colors in a rainbow.

Do your favorite music genres match your personality according to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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