Want to Buy a Guitar for your Music Online? Use These 5 Tips

For music lovers, buying their first guitar means a lot. You could either be a casual listener of popular songs. Or you could be someone who wants to create and share instrumental music online.


But before you buy a guitar for your music online or otherwise, use these 5 tips for your money’s worth



  1. Type of Guitar –


The kind of instrumental music you wish to incorporate in your tracks determines your guitar type. Be it an acoustic or an electric one. If you want to play with a band, then acoustic or electric guitar would be better. However, acoustics ones are not suitable for rock songs.


guitar-for-beginners-music online

Fig: A comparison of electric guitar (left) with acoustic guitar (right)


For newbies, an acoustic guitar is a better choice though, for these reasons:


  • You will learn basic rhythms, chords, scales and riffs in a more solid way
  • The necks of acoustic guitar are thicker which is initially challenging. But it will be worth it when you later on handle an electric one
  • Electric ones are costlier to begin with. It requires a whole setup including an amplifer.



  1. Build Quality –


Check whether the guitar has been built within quality control or not. Also check its weight and opt for a light-weight one. Heavy instrument can cause you to develop pain in arms. Thus, reducing your quality of work for your MP3 songs


What about ¾ Size?


You may have seen ads for ¾ size guitars on social networking websites. These are targeted towards kids. Buying ¾ is a bad investment unless you are younger than 10 years in age and don’t want to publish your music online.


61teqnNEy0L._SL1000_-music online


Some examples of ¾ include:

Yamaha FG JR1 3/4 – Inexpensive and great for starters.
Oscar Schmidt OG1FYS Dreadnought – If you want the dreadnought body



  1. Explore the details –


  • It is always better to take a friend along with you to the shop or buy from online music store
  • Although you don’t need to worry about the color or shape of the instrument if you don’t plan to keep it for long. But for the nerds, here are a few details:


  • Nylon String Acoustic Guitars – Well, these are of 2 types; classical and flamenco

The former has more sophisticated, sustained sounds. And, more mellow tunes like the ones in pop songs or latest music songs

The latter is stronger in sound and more percussive in nature.


  • Steel String Acoustic Guitar – Also known as folk guitar. It is mostly used in country music, pop songs. The sound of steel comes off bright and looks great in strumming


Note: Nylon strings on a steel-string guitar would just sound weak & odd as it’s not made that way.



  1. Sound Check –


Investing in your first guitar for music online is a big occasion. You don’t want to look bad in person or on social networking websites.


Make sure that no weird sounds emanate from the instrument. Feel the instrument in your hand as it will later on become an extension of your body. See whether it detunes after stressing it out for a bit. Play with picks and with fingers.



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  1. Accessories –


Before you buy a guitar, sweeten the deal by buying some essential accessories from the shop or online music store. These may include:



  • Guitar Tuner – Tuner improves how you play and helps you develop a good ear. Get a simple digital clip-on tuner. Or get an app on your mobile
  • Extra Strings – Always remember to purchase an extra pair of strings. Very often the strings may break while you are practicing. And, this often disrupts the momentum for the beginners.
  • Case – This is a no brainer. Not only does a case protect your instrument from bumps and scratches, it also protects it from humidity changes

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