Fan of Latest Music Songs? Learn to Play Musical Instruments for these 5 Reasons

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‘’Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without’’ – Confucious (Chinese Philosopher)


We all are music fans (more or less). It is a language with which we can communicate. In this internet era, every day millions of people search and listen online music. And for many, who love singing or are fans of latest music songs, learning an instrument is a great advantage.


If you love composing tunes in your head, you should definitely try to learn to play musical instruments. Or if you spend your day looking for mp3 free music, then too you should learn the instrument whose sound you love the most.


These 5 Reasons might make you go for it:


  1. Increase Brain Capacity –


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  • Research shows that when we hear mp3 songs or play an instrument, our memory can increase


  • Some evidence also suggests that musicians have organizationally and functionally different brains compared to non-musician This is visible in the areas of the brain used in processing and playing of latest music songs



  1. Improve Social Life –
  • Whether you listen music online or in social clubs, it helps you ‘’connect’’. It allows you to expand your social circle. You can even upload your own compositions as online music and chat with your fans.


  • “Socially, children who become involved in a musical group or ensemble learn important life skills, such as how to relate to others, how to work as a team and appreciate the rewards that come from working together, and the development of leadership skills and discipline”, says Maestro Eduardo Marturet, a conductor and musical director for the Miami Symphony Orchestra,



  • People often meet on the best social networking sites and join bands or orchestras. Here they make lifelong friends with same interest on mp3 songs.



  1. Enhance Mathematical Ability –


  • People who study music often count the musical notes and rhythms. This helps with their mathematical skills.



  1. Elevate Performance Skills –


  • Many people present themselves differently on the best social networking sites but are afraid to perform in a live setting. For singers who already use online music sites, there is a chance to be become better. But for others, practicing the instrument can reduce stage fright.


  • Playing on stage in a band or orchestra helps with stage fright because you’re not alone. You build confidence. Once you are aware that you are able to do something well, like play the flute for instance, you naturally become more confident of your skills.



  1. It’s Fun –


  • Learning to play an instrument can be very fun. Not only do you get to play any popular songs, English songs or hindi songs, but you feel the applaud of audience


  • You also get a chance to bring happiness on other people’s faces whether they watch you personally or on a music store online


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