5 Latest Mp3 Apps Like Musical.ly You’’ll Love

5 Latest Mp3 Apps

Many of you latest mp3 lovers by now, must’ve used Musical.ly – for the 15-second lip-sync music video fun it brings.


And since one can’t get enough of this delightful app, one looks to find other music apps that are like Musical.ly and bring us the same joy and fun.


So, here are 5 Latest Mp3 Apps Like Musical.ly You’’ll Love –




The Proposal 💍 #duboftheday

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The first alternative to latest mp3 music app Musical.ly is Dubsmash. The app has been around since 2014 and practically gives the options and functions that Musical.ly does.


You can lip-sync clips from your favorite movies, online mp3 songs, tv shows and even cartoons, apart from ofcourse mp3 songs online play.


The app offers strong community link and has a Snapchat kind of feel to it with two columns. One is dedicated to popular stories. And, the other shows your friends’ stories.



Sabakuch Music

Sabakuch Music app is a popular alternative to musical.ly, especially in India. Most of its users include independent artists and bands who share their latest music songs with a strong community base.


The Sabakuch app is best known for its monetization feature. You can make your online mp3 songs or clips and upload it to this app. Based on the mp3 songs online play, you can make money.




#FireworkEmojis #Funimate . . . 📹 by: thegiuly

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Since Dubsmash can look a bit different than musical.ly, so if you’re looking for something similar to the latter, then Funimate might be your best chance. You can not only lip-sync to some popular latest mp3, but also add tons of cool effects and emojis to your video.


Unlike musical.ly there is no restriction to the style of video. You can also create compilations, slow motion videos and loads of additional formats to online mp3 songs




Among other interesting music apps is Cheez, which is sort of like a hybrid of Musical.ly and Vine. With this app, you can record latest music songs instantly, or choose to add individual clips to create a full video.


The app is best known for its community support. It hosts weekly dance-offs and challenges that makes it fun and interactive. Apart from this, it has all the functions of Musical.ly and Funimate.





Triller is your best bet for a serious editing app. You can do anything, from editing high-quality movies on your smart phone, to lip-syncing to your fav mp3 songs online playby using the huge library of tracks.


The only drawback in Triller is its missing community feature. So, you can’t connect with other people and share latest mp3 songs or clips. However, you it does offer you the ability to collaborate with your friends to create a group video.

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