3 Reasons Why Folk Music in India Needs a Revival

Folk Music

Kajri is sung and played during rains.

AlhaUdal is sung in Bundelkhand

Char-Bait in Rajasthan and Western Uttar Pradesh


These are some of the type of music that many of you may not have heard ever.A big reflection of India’s cultural and multi-lingual diversity is its FOLK MUSIC.

Every region has a different folk. Every tribe has their own tales of adapting to the environment, of their struggles and their evolution. Though the author of these folk songs and tales are unknown, but they are revered by all as they unite these tribes.

However, some of these folklores and folk songs are on the verge of extinction. The urbanization of our cities and the fast moving digital life has affected them a lot. But still it’s not too late to help out these symbols of our legacy.


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Here are 3 reasons why we feel Folk Music needs a revival in India:

  1. The Heritage –

These songs compose a unique heritage of India’s rich traditions. It is believed that the tradition of folk music started in the 5th century and has been passed down from generation to generation.

In an age when we struggle to preserve modern day songs, these folk songs show us the power of word of mouth.

  1. The Income –

Just like popular music that the urban and rural audiences listen on online music sites, these folk songs have their own listeners and great singers. These artists need to be given a proper platform where even without technology they can connect to the rest of India.

So, folk music can be made into a source of revenue for underprivileged sections to give them a fresh lease of life. It will also generate a source of income for the government that can be used for the welfare of the village and tribal people.

  1. The Essence –

Unlike popular film songs that are recorded in hi-tech recording studios. These folk songs are sung and recorded by its lovers out in the open. Sung without any retakes or editing, they contain the essence of village ambiance and the sounds of natural habitat.

It is important for us who have the means and the power of the internet to share these songs on best Indian social networking sites so that more people can know about their rarity and need for rehabilitation.

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