The Common Constant in All Exams – Sample Papers


Ask anyone who has ever given Board exam in India, sample papers stand out as one common constant.


Whether you are the type of student who studies just a day before an entrance exam or an average student. Or, you are someone with good marks all through the academic year, a little help, something extra, is always welcome.


This extra comes in the form of question banks, sample papers, mock papers online, guides and emock papers.-



The Increasing Demand for Sample Papers –



  • Demand for such emock papers or mock test peaks one to two months before the exams, but online exam website still get many students and parents on the week of the entrance exam.


  • Peer pressure is another reason why many candidates seek out the best online exam website for extra material.


  • In the season of Board exams, the situation is such that even parents look out for mock test books, late in the night.


  • Another reason for increase in demand of sample papers includes, the decision by CBSE to introduce Continuous and Comprehension Evaluation (CCE), where a good amount of the evaluation takes place internally. Since, lots of parents find the new patterns confusing, there is an increase in demand of sample papers.



Sample Papers Released by CBSE


Even CBSE releases mock papers online for students to practice before the board exams. They are based on past years’ question papers and syllabus of the  CBSE Board.

The board also provides solutions just like mock test apps or sites that help students in analysing their entrance exam preparation. Students come across many repetitive topics and questions from previous years.

Accordingly candidates can then focus on important questions carrying high marks.



Impact of Digitization


The evolution of digital services has reduced physical papers to much extent. The eLearning industry is the latest among many industries across the globe to shift to minimum paperwork, eliminate complexity and save time.


However, this has given a chance for the evolution of sample papers. The entire online exam process is now present in ‘exam management software’.


This software effectively automates and streamlines the entire process from exam planning to execution. It can be used across every vertical and for every purpose, including school examinations and entrance examinations.


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