Supercharge your Exam Preparations with Mock Papers

Sometimes despite having memorized the answers or even writing them in a notebook is not sufficient, and the students feel lack of confidence. For such circumstances, the e-learning websites provide a simple and effective solution in the form of Mock Papers


With the results for JEE, CLAT, NEET and various other exams already out for this year, and many others yet to be declared, one thing is clear that entrance exams in India for top universities and colleges are not going anywhere. Especially in a situation when cut-offs have been rising each year.






How to Get Ready for Mock Test –


  • Avoid shortcuts and attempt full mock papers tests. It is best to start taking online tests while simultaneously preparing for any entrance exam.
  • You can plan when to give e- mock papers tests as per your convenience. However, ideally it is suitable to either reserve your weekends for it, or take the test after every 3 days.
  • Save your results of online tests and compare them with the previous ones to track your preparation. Secondly, it will help you keep a note of your previous finish time of the paper.


For the students solving mock papers, it is necessary to know the challenges and reinvent themselves. But for those students who are struggling to reinvent, taking the following steps can prove useful:


  1. Take small steps: Although it is good to dream big, but with e-mock papers you’ve got to take short steps. Since a student typically has to give about 5 entrance exams for different colleges. The idea of online exams could become overwhelming if all papers are attempted at once. So, keep a list of short targets for different subjects.


  1. Set Reminders: Since early morning is usually considered the best time to study, take a look at your targets as a daily reminder of what goals you have achieved and what is left to be done.


  1. Avoid Distractions: Ensure that there are no distractions since all competitive exams full attention and concentration. Although a number of students find group study to be useful in getting more knowledge, but group study can also turn into a distraction of its kind. In such a scenario, you can solve the papers yourself and then refer to your study circle when you are free.


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