Role of CLAT Mock Test Series in exam Preparation

CLAT Mock Test

Common-Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a national-level law entrance exam. Students can get admission to NLUs (National Law Universities) across India after clearing this exam.

The executive committee of the Consortium of NLUs has made changes to the upcoming CLAT 2020 exam.

The CLAT 2020 Exam question paper will have 150 objective type questions. For every right answer, 1 mark will be awarded and for every wrong answer, there is a negative marking of .25 marks. Every unanswered question will be awarded zero marks.

Clat Exam 2020

Mock Test Importance

To be successful in the CLAT examination, mock tests play an important role. CLAT Mock test is easily available on the internet to practice. Attempting mock tests is important not only for CLAT but for all competitive exams. This is the reason many websites are providing mock tests online for competitive exams and is one of them.

So, in this article on “Role of CLAT Mock Test Series in CLAT Preparation,” we have explained how you should approach mock tests while preparing for CLAT.

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How CLAT Mock Test Practice Can Help You Improve Your Score in Exam?

Below are 5 important reasons you must attempt mock tests before finally going to write the exam.

1. Helps in Improving preparation level –  

Without proper practice and better conceptual understanding, you cannot solve a mock test faster. So if you are lagging in solving mock tests due to a lack of understanding of basic concepts, then you should clear your doubts and sharp your basic concepts and apply them while solving mock tests. This will help students review the preparation level and improve on their weak areas.

2. Helps you in generating the right strategy 

Apart from knowing the formulas and concepts, what is important is to know the proper strategy to solve these Mock tests in less time. Practicing CLAT mock tests regularly helps you to develop a strategy for cracking and clearing these tests.

3. Helps in Time Management 

Time management is very important for clearing any competitive examination. It is very difficult to attempt all the questions in the given time frame, as accuracy also matters. That is why practicing more and more CLAT mock tests helps in determine which question is to attempt first and which one is to skip for later to attempt.

4. Helps you to learn and improve performance

Students should treat the CLAT mock tests the same as the real examination. If you are serious while attempting a mock test, you will learn and implement a few new techniques to apply basic concepts in the exams. This approach will be going to help you during the actual exam. Each mock test that you attempt allows you to learn and improve your performance.

5. Allows you to analyze your exam preparation

CLAT Mock tests are the best tool to analyze your law entrance exam preparation. After each test, the student should spend time to analyze their mistakes. The mock test will tell you how is your preparation. Each mock test gives you a statistic. Your scoring and time taken will make you more confident about what you have already studied. The mock test covers the entire syllabus.

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How many CLAT mock test is sufficient for the 2020 Exam preparation?

There is no definite number we can suggest you attempt mock tests. It’s recommended to solve as many mock tests you can attempt. It is advised to start with one or two mock tests in a day. You can increase the number of solving mock tests after reaching the next level of exam preparation. After covering the whole syllabus, students should take at least 3-4 CLAT mock tests in a day. 

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