Pariksha Par Charcha: Exam Prep Tips by PM Modi


On Friday the 16th (Feb), the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a special interaction with students who will appear for the board exams this year. Termed as ‘Pariksha Par Charcha’, the program was held at New Delhi’s Talkatora stadium with over 3,000 students who learnt some valuable exam prep tips.



‘’Today, I am a student and you are my examiner. You can give me marks out of 10 later. Don’t think of me as the prime minister but as a friend. ‘’ – PM Modi.


What else did the PM say? Here are some highlights of his exam prep tips from Pariksha Par Charcha



  1. On Stress –


‘’They leave no stone unturned during preparations but stress makes them nervous and they forget what they want to write’’, said Modi.


Key: The key according to PM Modi lies in Yoga. Different ‘asanas’ can help in relaxing the mind. They can also give positive energy, while reducing nervousness



  1. On Self-Confidence –


Many students despite working hard and practicing mock papers online, lack in self-confidence and knowledge.


Key: This exam prep tips include  always thinking of improving yourselves. Hard-work and self-challenge gives self-confidence. Every student has their own potential. Instead of competition with others, compete with yourself



  1. On Concentration –


Lack of concentration on school books, online question bank is a big issue with students.


Key: Concentration is not something that has to be specifically learnt. Every person does concentrate on something or the other during the day, it may be while reading, hearing a song, talking to a friend.



  1. On Career –


Choosing the right career before board exams can be mighty confusing for Class XII students. Lack of proper counselling or subject options can pose as hindrances


Key: Give your 100 per cent to whatever career option you select. The will to do something is a great motivator, it guides you to choose the roadmap to your success

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