Online Learning: Common Mistakes Made


An important truth about online learning is that many people drop out from courses just like many people drop out from school. Some common mistakes made by E-Learners or some preconceived notions about this methodology made by new users are the most likely causes.


Either way, familiarizing yourself with some common mistakes that are made by e-learners could help you stick with the courses in a better way.


Here are the 5 key areas where students go wrong in Online Learning – 


  1. Lack of Time Management –


Since the online learning students do not have to travel somewhere else to study, they tend to miscalculate the number of hours they need to give in to studying online. They fail to develop a routine for each day when they should be studying.


Tip: Start slowly and try out one course at a time.


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  1. Not Developing a Technique –


Having self-discipline is critical to e-learning. Ask yourself some questions:


  • Can you handle the study material by yourself?
  • Would you feel alone by studying yourself?
  • Are you dependent upon a peer system?


Tip: Following a careful schedule and self-discipline goes a long way with the interactive online video or audio lectures or with sample tests on social networking websites



  1. Misjudging the Technology –


After technique, comes technology. Before beginning on digital study route, you have to make sure of the following things:


  • Basic computer with decent specifications including an internet connection
  • If you do not have a computer, then mobile phone could be useful as e-learning apps are now available on online stores or by Indian social networking sites
  • Make sure you are studying from the right e-learning websites. If it has interactive video lessons or audio MP3 lectures, then it’s a good thing
  • Many students look for only online lectures, and fail to spot websites that give sample test papers also or e-Mock papers. These papers help to keep track of their preparation


Tip: Consult someone who has basic knowledge of computer and then choose a site or app which is easy to access and comes within the limitations of your computer or smart phone’s technological specifications.


A Quick Glance at Common Mistakes Made – 



  1. Missing out on Accreditation –


If a student simply aims to prepare for scholarship or competitive examinations, then it’s perfectly alright to choose a digital learning website that has practice papers or lessons. However, one should be careful while opting for a course.


Tip: Check the courses’ or online programs’ for their credentials. Also, do not miss on verifying their approval by a government body.



  1. Mistake While Learning a Language –


While planning to learn a new language most of the people do not have any definitive objective or goals. It is not like a history lesson where you can memorise dates, but it is more of a skill. Use a platform where information is easily available and recognizable.


Tip: The more you interact socially the better you learn. For instance, find people on Indian social networking sites that are willing to speak and correct you in Hindi language


In the end, having content alone doesn’t ensure guaranteed success. Carefully avoiding the common mistakes and ensuring proper structure system can help e-learners go a long way with e-learning.


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