NEET 2020 Exam: How Can I Start Preparing For The NEET 2020 Exam Without Coaching?

NEET 2020 EXAM Mock Test Sabakuch

NEET exam can be prepared without coaching if one determined and dedicated to crack it. One who aspires to secure a good rank in the NEET exam they should have a strong desire and confidence. We are sharing some tips below that can help you to boost your preparation for NEET 2020 without coaching:

  1. To get an idea that what type of questions can be asked in the NEET exam, it is important to practice the last 3-4 years question papers and NEET practice questions.
  2. Instead of photocopy or buying notes prefer to create short notes so that, while revision time you can easily understand the concepts.
  3. Apart from books refer the online educational sources to learn like YouTube, learning apps, NEET NTA mock tests, etc.
  4. Make sure to attempt at least 3 test series that must be solved every day regularly. We would recommend joining online e-learning websites for NEET free mock test to boost your speed and to score high in NEET 2020 exam.
  5. Don’t leave any topic unclear. Keep yourself up to date and complete all assignments on time.
  6. Study in breaks: Seating long hours and study can be resulting in fatigue. We would recommend you study in breaks like take a break after 45-50 minutes.
  7. For Biology be thorough with the diagrams and their labeling, in Chemistry read and memorize all reaction mechanisms and named reactions of organic chemistry and for Physics make the list of formulas only of each chapter because this is the basic which will help you at the end.
  8. The most important part of the strategy to exercise and 8 hours of complete sleep.

To prepare for the NEET exam is mandatory for a deep understanding of each topic. We have listed down important topics based on analysis from previous years question papers and exam pattern. Cover each topic with a clear concept of basics and set a definite target to achieve your goal.

Important Topics for NEET 2020 Exam

Biology Topics For NEET 2020 Exam

  1. Ecology
  2. Genetics and Evolution
  3. Physiology-Plant and Human
  4. Reproduction- Flowering Plants and Human
  5. Diversity in Living Organisms
  6. Structural Organization in Living Organisms
  7. Cell Structure and Function
  8. Biotechnology

Physics Topics For NEET 2020 Exam

  1. Optics
  2. Waves
  3. Mechanics
  4. Electrodynamics
  5. Modern Physics
  6. Heat and Thermodynamics
  7. Simple Harmonic Motion

Chemistry Topics For NEET 2020 Exam

  1. Solutions
  2. Chemical Kinetics
  3. Mole Concept
  4. Stoichiometry
  5. Atomic Structure
  6. Thermodynamics
  7. Redox Reactions
  8. Electrochemistry
  9. Block Elements- d, f, p, s
  10.  Coordination Compounds
  11.  Chemical Bonding
  12.  Hydrogen Bonding
  13. Organic Compounds
  14. Biomolecules
  15. Hydrocarbons
  16. Polymers

Don’t forget to add NCERT books in your preparation strategy, NCERT books have enough text so it can be as your best pal. Make sure to clear your basic concept thoroughly with the help of NCERT books. However, it is good to add on reference books out of NCERT too.

The list of books which will help you to prepare without coaching is below here:


  1. GR Bathla publication for Biology
  2. Pradeep Guide on Biology
  3. Objective Botany by Ansari
  4. Objective Biology by Dinesh
  5. Biology Volume 1 & 2 by Trueman


  1. NCERT Physics Class XI & XII
  2. Fundamental Physics by Pradeep
  3. Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma
  4. Objective Physics by DC Pandey
  5. Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov
  6. Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker


  1. Dinesh Chemistry Guide
  2. Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee
  3. Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon
  4. ABC of Chemistry for Classes 11 and 12 by Modern
  5. Practice books by VK Jaiswal (Inorganic), MS Chauhan (Organic) and N Awasthi (Physical)

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