JEE Main April 2020 – Tips To Score Good Marks in Physics Section

The JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is a National level exam conducted by NTA for admission to various UG engineering courses in NIT, IIIT and funded Technical Institutes. It is conducted two times in a year, first in January and second in April months. The JEE Main 2020 January exam is already over and candidates who want to improve their score, they can appear in the April exam which is scheduled from April 3 to 7, 2020. JEE Main is pre-requirement to qualify for JEE Advanced for admission to IIT.

Physics is the most interesting subject. However, it is not so easy to score high marks in Physics, especially in competitive exams like JEE Main. We are giving here important tips on how you can score good marks in the JEE Main Physics subject.

5 Reasons why you should refer to the IIT JEE Main previous year Question papers

Physics Syllabus:

The syllabus of JEE Main is similar, but there is a huge difference in the level and pattern of CBSE exam and JEE Main exam. Your fundamental should be clear about the subject, so while study don’t mug up things but understand it. It is similar to mathematics where basic formulas and steps are important. 

Numerical Questions:

In the new pattern of JEE Main examination, there are 5 numerical based questions out of 25 questions in each subject. The theory part will have 20 MCQ type questions and the numerical part will have number based answers. There is a difference in answering these questions. In MCQ type you have to choose one from the given four options, however in number based questions, you have to enter the answer in numerical form. This must match with the correct answer already stored on the computer. However, NTA has clarified that numbers in various forms like 5 can be entered as 5.0, 05, 005, 5.00 etc. These all will be considered correct.

Best Books For JEE Main April 2020 Exam:

NCERT books are considered best for Class 11, Class 12 and for JEE Mains examinations. But JEE Main question may be tricky, of difficult level and may involve more than one formula to be applied in same question.  However one can purchase some other related books which may be helpful in studying Physics. Here are some physics books recommended by experts:-

Author/ Publisher Physics Book Name
I.E.Irodov Problems in General Physics
Irodov Fundamentals of Mechanics and Fundamentals of Electrodynamics
Arihant Publications Physics by D. C. Pandey
Krotov Aptitude Test Problems in Physics
Halliday, Resnik Walker Fundamentals of Physics
S.L.Loney Elements of Dynamics Part I & II
Dr. H.C. Verma Concepts of Physics Vol I and II
Nelkon and Parker Advance Physics

You can study the Concept of Physics Part I & II by Dr. H.C. Verma along with NCERT books for understanding1 Physics in a better way.

Important Physics Topics:

Although you must study all the topics of Physics, give more emphasis on important topics where more questions are asked. Chapters/ topics like Optics, Current Electricity, Rotational Motion, Physics, and Measurement are extremely important. On the other hand Properties of Solids and Liquids, Kinetic theory of gases, Magnetism are chapters from which fewer questions may be asked.

How to study difficult topics:

The basic understanding of fundamental is a must. For this, study the topic, apply the fundamental to subjective and numerical questions. Practice makes a man perfect. Practice the formulas on different questions to solve. This will make you perfect on the topic and will boost your confidence.

Make your notes:

During the study, always make your short notes on each chapter. This way you will have to write it yourself and will be very useful during the revision phase before the exam.

Take a break:

Time and method study shows that efficiency is effected for the same activity for a longer period if it is performed without a break. At times, one may feel boring and tired by monotonous studying. A break in between will refresh you.

How useful is the JEE Main mock test paper to score well in the exam?

JEE Main April 2020 Mock Test:        

JEE Main is a computer-based exam. Practice on JEE main online mock test gives you the same feeling as you are appearing in the final exam. This will eliminate your all type of hesitation during real exam. All the toppers prefer and advise to practice on mock test for best results. On line mock test are easily available on the net with free and paid options. Mock tests provide complete statistics of your performance like time taken, a number of correct answers, wrong answers, score, etc. You can study the solutions of each question attempted and prepare yourself for the next test. Systematically you can improve upon your performance. Initially, you can do mock papers on selective chapters and later on complete subject.

How To Revise For JEE Main 2020 Exam- Last Minute Preparation Tips 

All the best for JEE Main April 2020 Examination.

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