How useful is the JEE Main mock test paper to score well in the exam?

jee main mock test

JEE Main exam dates are scheduled from 6 to 11 January 2020. NTA conducts JEE exam since 2019. Considering the difficulty level of the exam, only hard working may not be sufficient to crack JEE main exam. A very systematically planned preparation will enhance your performance in the final exam. 

Importance of Mock test:

Most of the candidates do not give importance to mock tests and previous year papers. Time has changed. Today’s time is of to second not of today. Every second is important when the target is so competitive and tough. Mock test are the need of today. Practicing on the mock test, especially online mock test, will give you the status of preparation. Admission authority has established more than 2500 practice test centers to attempt mock tests. You can register and avail facility.

Practice JEE Main Mock Test Paper

How useful are IIT JEE online mock test:

Exam Information: Along with mock test, sites always provide the latest information on JEE Exam including a schedule of exam, how to apply, syllabus, etc. Before you start the test, instructions are also given to perform test ads it comes in real exam.

Environment of Exam: JEE Paper I is a Computer-based exam. On line, the Mock test will give a feel that you are attempting the actual exam because they are based on the same pattern and style.  During the actual exam, you will feel comfortable and need not feel to know any new information. The mock test familiarizes with the real exam environment.

Time Management: It is very difficult to attempt all the 75 questions of JEE Main in a given time of 3 hours. The requirement is to attempt as many as possible questions in the given time period. It is possible with a mock test. On line mock test provides complete statistics of performance like time taken, a number of questions attempted, marks scored, wrong questions attempted and solutions of attempted questions. One can make note on time taken of every attempt to increase speed and improve with every new attempt. Dashboard will provide a complete log of the statistic of every mock test attempted. Target should be to attempt more questions with every new attempt. This is only possible with the mock tests.

Preparation Level: Mock test statistic will tell your score and ability where you stand. This will give you confidence and level of your preparation and guide map to reach the target.

Every mark counts:  The ranking is decided on marks you obtain. There is a tie when equal marks are obtained by more the one candidate. Guideline depicts that on tie on NTA score, it is resolved in following descending order:

NTA score in Mathematics

NTA score in Physics

NTA score in Chemistry

Lessor number of negative responses score in paper Candidates should also focus on scoring more in above priority. Customized mock test will give you subject wise mock test to attempt. Every wrong attempt will reduce your score as there is negative marking of one mark. If this was correctly answered, would have led to difference of five marks. This makes a great difference. This means that one should learn from his mistakes. Practice on mock paper will reduce your mistakes and will lead to more attempts to correct answers and increase the score. 

JEE Main Mock Test NTA

Take a break: Time and method studies show that efficiency is effected for the same activity for a longer period without break is performed. At times one may feel boring and tired by monotonous studying. The mock test will give you a break and will refresh you.

On-Line Practice: Practice makes a man perfect. Attemptingmock test on a regular interval will give you confidence on the final exam.

Increase efficiency: There are some questions where you could have answered correctly. This can be improved by analyzing the solution of wrongly answered questions.

Free JEE Main Mock Test Practice

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