How e-learning is helpful in entrance exams preparation ?

e-learning and mock test

Rat race Or Right track?


One after one state boards started releasing 10th board results and CBSE will release its  result on may. Unlike every year this year also race for universities and students are equal.  Universities trying to offer best and all kind of category where students working hard to get enroll into best according to their wish list of career option either following their parents wish. At the same time universities providing e-learning options as well. There are so many courses which are available online. Students also taking online mock test and e-learning classes to crack entrance tests.


Where e-learning break the boundary of traditional learning still Indian culture in any religion always taught to obey elders, specially their parents wish and when it comes to education. Still in India more than half of population follow the same trend.


Where most of parents decides in what stream their child should get enrolled. Children being mentally trained and understood that whatever choice decided by their parents that is the only their own choice, even the seed of second thought not let come in their mind.


Post decade of independence Indian education dominated by science stream, commerce as second option and arts stream always considered for least scorer. But, in the recent scenario a lot has been changed now arts stream actually represented by universities with multi options and also adopted by many parents too as career option for their child.


In the last 10 years entertainment, sports industry has changed views of parents and also given students freedom to choose and make career in art, culture and sports too. Indian government appraising and facilitating to performers from state to International level in art, culture and sports. The taboo of taking arts as career option by least scorer Or non-performer to performers changed positively.


Where commerce as career option always least preferred. However, after completing bachelor many aspirants start taking exams in banking sector. And as reputed institution like Symbiosis, IIM and many other has not specific subject based criteria. So, students from any stream get chance to study any financial Or management related course.


Still science as a career option is on top priority of parents and students. Since New version of technology and Artificial Intelligence dominating the world that encourages to the students to take science as career option by their own choice not forcibly.


Apart of main stream subjects there are so many vocational courses which is available for short term, full term and part time option as career option. And for these courses students can get e-learning classes online. After classes students can check their skills with e-mock test.


You have so many options and that also confuse you what to choose or not and you will start following what others doing without second thought.


While choosing your career don’t follow the trend of rat race choose the right track. Before choosing any career options follow the steps:


First Think: What you want to become, in which subject your basic concepts are clear, enjoy while learning.


Second Research: Research option of careers in the stream which you are interested. Related short term, full term and part time courses, colleges, fee and campus.


Third Discuss: Discuss your interest to your friends, mentor and parents. Take suggestions from your friend, mentor and parents. Clear your doubts.


Four Decision Maker: Presents your interest research to your parents, tell them confidently why you prefer the course which you have chosen. Take your decision.





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