eLearning in India Can Give Sports & Academic Career the Right Balance

There has been a dynamic shift in the education sector due to the rise of eLearning. It has been scientifically proven today, that sports have a direct impact on academic performance.


All good sportspersons know that a right education is always useful as a backup for their careers. It takes care of a person’s entire life and not just their career. Unfortunately, many students who are into sports remain deprived of higher school and college education. This could be due to factors such as:


  • weak economic background,
  • lack of transport facilities to travel from sports training grounds to college classes,
  • intense travel that makes them miss school attendance



eLearning Comes into Play


This is where the concept of online learning can prove to be extremely useful.The online education sector is already expected to reach a whopping, 1.96$ billion by 2021 in India (eight times more than what it is today) Therefore it is not difficult to understand how sports and academic career can be balanced by e-learning. It helps in the following ways –



  • Full Flexibility: Switching between sports practice and travelling for studies is no longer a matter of trouble with e-learning as players can now practice and study for any competitive exam. Students can interact on free social networking sites in India and get to cooperate in online studies. This also promotes values such as teamwork and coordination.


  • Time Management: All sports require strict discipline of time. By attempting online test papers or e-mock papers, students not just learn self-discipline, but time-management as well.


  • Relieve Stress – Very often the sports persons are so short of time that they are not able to plan their events properly. E-learning gives the facility that can help manage the daily quota of study. This further helps to reduce stress and makes learning online an adventurous thing as well.


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Why Sports Matter in Studies?

Now many people might question the relevance of sports and studies. And, especially in India where sports education is still a dream. Here are some facts that prove that both these fields have a relation –


  • Through a study done on 5000 students, BBC has claimed that there is a success in English, mathematics and science exams as the students’ performance increase for every 17 minutes that boys exercise, and 12 minutes for girls.


  • A Harvard University Psychiatrist, named John Ratey has written in his book that the MRI scan photos of the brains of people who improve their fitness have increased volume in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is that part of the brain which is linked to memory and learning.


  • Even the IOC (International Olympic Committee) has now started giving online resources that tell students about managing sports and education and choosing the right place of learning.


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Strike a Balance



  • For those students who have cleared their class 12th Board exams and are looking for college, they shouldn’t just look for sports facilities in the college. Rather seek options of institutions that take a holistic approach and give correct opportunities to grow a wide knowledge base so that it can build a long and interesting career.


  • Get a feel of the campus when you start selecting colleges. Don’t just check out the sports field or basketball court, but also do check out the classrooms and labs.


Sports offer a way to discover something that makes people passionate about for a lifetime and combined with proper education and eLearning, it can provide development of skills and cognitive abilities that supports the whole community.

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