Add Sports Management in Your Career Bucket….

sports management

Add Sports Management in Your Career Bucket….

May be you are not Dhoni Or Kohli, But You can manage many them….

According to a Hindi phrase “Padoge Likhoge Toh Banoge Nawab, Kheloge Kudoge Banoge Kharab” (If you study, you shall become a nobleman, If you play, you shall become a failure) dominated the Indian education system for long years. Sports as an education Or career option might ever any parents thought for their child. Not only parents even Indian Students was not taken seriously Sports management as career option.

But with the globalization in sports and games especially in management position as a career have really become very lucrative one these days, as you will get good package, exposure, reach to mass, contacts with high profile people and media attention in one stroke. Now, parents also aggressively encourage their child to opt sports management as career option.

Professional sports management companies are coming in big ways all across the country especially in metro cities and over other big cities of the country. Sports management is the study of planning, supervising and organizing various sporting activities like international and domestic tournaments for cricket, football, hockey, golf, and other games.

There are different career options for the sports management. The students gain a comprehensive understanding of the multi-dimensional importance and the value of sport. Apart of job opportunity candidates would also acquire business skills relating to public relations, marketing, and entrepreneurship, which would assist them in the administration of institutions engaged in various sporting activities.

When you opt sports management as career option, you will get chance to learn tools and techniques of sports administration including those of event management as well as acquaints them with contemporary trends and issues in sports. The sports science section would cover sports medicine, sports psychology, sports physiology, sports therapy and health promotion.


Career related to sport management


  • Sport marketing
  • Sponsorship, marketing and merchandise of sports
  • Sports finance & business
  • Sports management policy
  • Communication with the press and media
  • Sponsorship and broadcasting
  • Sports event staging
  • Knowledge about sports law on contracts and drug use
  • Sports ethics and sports organization
  • Sports medicine, sports journalism, sports entrepreneurship, grassroots sports development, league management etc.


Degree in sports management have following Job opportunities:

 52 approved national sports federations in India: these governing bodies which aim to promote the respective sport as an industry in India need professional sports managers always.

Sports Branding/ Marketing: Marketing/branding, therefore, has got the immense scope in the field of sports. Sports marketing managers & sponsorship managers is in demand.

Sports Goods: Sports professionals who understand the details of sporting merchandise are in demand in India as international brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas are increasing their presence in the country.

Sporting Event Management: After privatization the governing organization also launch and encourage regular sports event. The sports calendar in India is now chock-a-block with a variety of matches and events. It started with just IPL – Indian Premium League (Cricket) in 2008 and by now we have Hockey India League (started in 2013), Pro Kabaddi League (started in 2014), ISL – Indian Super League (for football, started in 2013), Indian Badminton League (Started in 2013) and so on.

For these sports league event management companies are prefer to hire sports managers by the dozen to accommodate the rising need to focus only on sports related events.


These are list of Sports Universities for MBA & PG degree in sports management:


  • Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu offering one-year programme in PGDSM (Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management)


  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science, New Delhi; offering one-year PGDSM (Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management)


  • IISWBM – Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management conducts a one year full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management.


  • National Academy of Sports Management (NASM) – 2 year MBA in Sports Management, 3 year BBA in Sports Management, 1 year Post-Graduate Diploma in Sports Management (PGDSM), 1-year Diploma in Sports Management


  • International Institute of Sports Management (IISM), Mumbai – 3 year BBA in Sports Management, 1 year full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management (PGDSM), 2 years full-time MBA in Sports Management)


  • Centurion University of Technology and Management, Bhubaneswar in collaboration with Sports Education Development Australia (SEDA): 2 year MBA in Sports Management.

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