5 Tips for Tension Free College Admission in India

Getting admission in colleges in India is becoming more and more troublesome each year. With limited college seats and rising number of students, it is rather difficult to get college admission; especially in a top one.


Following these 5 tips could ensure a tension free college admission experience.


  1. Choose Your Career Wisely –


Remember, there is a college for everyone. Get advice from councilor, parents or friends before zeroing upon any career including the subjects available with online education in India. Take a career choice test or vocational test to choose a career. This test will be based on your:


  • Skills
  • Values
  • Interests
  • Personality



  1. Apply Early –


Studies have shown that students who make a decision early and apply, increase their chances of admission. Many E-learning websites also offer e-mock paper or sample papers for entrance exams along with the important dates for the tests. So, get going. Spend some time during your final school days, clearly mark your first college choice and begin filling the application and entrance test sample papers.


Grow your Knowledge. Get free E-Mock App from iTunes or PlayStore.



  1. Make a List and Confirm It –


Create a printed list of all colleges you are interested in (8-10 is sufficient). This should be based on the college’s ranking, subjects offered, distance from home, etc. Then take admission wherever the opportunity presents. This will do two things:


  • It will ensure you a backup option (in case, you switch college later) and,
  • It will lessen your stress to a great extent






  1. Don’t Depend on Websites –


The best way to know about a college in India or anywhere, is to visit there in person; talk to the faculty, talk to the students. Observe the classrooms, hostels, etc. You can also talk to admission staff about the migration process. Many students often get stuck and loose time in migrating by not grasping the rules for it. Also, identify a teacher who supports you most, as you might be needing their letter of recommendation.



  1. Listen to your Heart –


The most interesting candidates follow their own interests and passion. Don’t become another ‘’brick in the wall’’. If you are passionate about photography then don’t go into engineering just because your friends are doing it. Remember, there are many Indian social sites and e-learning websites via which you can pursue your education.



Hopefully these tips would lead you to make a smart career choice.

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