5 Reasons why you should refer to the IIT JEE Main previous year Question papers

IIT Jee Main previous Year Question Papers 2019

JEE Main exam is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) from 2019 onwards. Looking at the level of competition, it has become important to consider all aspects while exam preparation. Referring best books for each subject and practicing JEE Main online mock test are important aspects.  It is always advisable to attempt JEE Main online mock test at least once a week before the exam is scheduled. Why it is advisable to refer previous year question papers for preparing JEE Main exam? We are giving here five important reasons in support of referring to IIT JEE Main previous year Question papers: –

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IIT Jee Main 2020 Mock Test
  1. JEE Main 2020 Exam Pattern:  Previous year exam papers provide complete pattern of the setting of questions. As they are prepared by a testing agency based on declared pattern, it confirms the pattern of the exam. There may be variations in assigning questions in each section. In JEE Main exam for B.E./ B.Tech paper, there are three subjects viz. Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry. You can refer jee mains 2019 question paper as it will show the latest trend of setting questions.
  • Solutions:  Previous year question papers are easily available with solutions on the net. Prominent coaching centers provide solutions for previous year exam papers. These are easily available free of cost on the net. Studying the solution will give you tricks, the use of formulas and the level of difficulty of the question. This will also prepare you for similar questions incoming exam.
  • JEE Mains Previous Year question papers (2019): Coming JEE Main exam is scheduled from 6 to 11 January 2020. In 2019, the exam was conducted two times, first from 8 to 12 January 2019 and second from 7 to 12 April 2019.  JEE mains 2019 question paper solutions can be searched and studied in depth. The question papers for 2019 are available on the official web site of JEE main.

Download JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers (2019)

  • Subject wise Analysis: There is a different strategy for different subjects to prepare.  From previous year papers, one can analyze in detail about subject wise information. For physics, a solid understanding of ideas, remembering vital formulas and their appropriate way of application is important.  For Chemistry, spend more time on Organic and Chemical Science as there are many reactions and formulas. In Mathematics, one should focus on formulas and steps which can be seen in previous years’ questions and solutions. JEE Main covers the syllabus for Class 11 and Class 12 of each subject. A detailed analysis of previous year question papers will also give the distribution of questions subject wise, class-wise and topic-wise.  High scoring in each subject is necessary to crack the JEE Main exam.

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  • Official Notification:  While referring to previous year’s question papers, this is equally important to regularly visit official web site for exam related latest information. NTA has changed the JEE Main 2020 exam pattern. There will be 25 questions (20 MCQ type and 5 numerical value answer type questions) in each subject. Earlier there were 30 questions in each subject. Moreover, the numerical value answer type questions may have answers in single-digit integer, two-digit integer or decimal value answers e.g. 90, 3, 23.8 or 1.5. Previous year question papers will certainly guide for 20 MCQ type questions in JEE Main 2020 exam. Applicants are advised to do extra preparation especially for numerical value answer based questions in each of three subjects.
Jee Main 2020 Mock test

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In all, a multi-level preparation is required to crack such a tough exam like JEE Main.  Referring to the IIT JEE Main previous year papers is also an important aspect which will lead you scoring higher and will give you confidence in preparation for JEE Main exam.

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