5 Innovative Approaches to Improve Your IBPS PO Mains Exam Preparation

IBPS PO prelims 2019 results out and now candidates all set to appear for IBPS PO Mains exam. The IBPS PO mains exam is going to be held on 30th November 2019. A total of 4,336 vacancies have been announced for the IBPS Bank Probationary Officer exam. The exam is only a week away. What are the last minute mantras that can help you to assure your selection in the IBPS PO mains exam? In this article, we brought tips that you can follow without any changes in your existing strategy. Because in the last few days of the exam better to avoid any new changes that can be the reason for distraction. So no changes only addition of 5 innovative approaches can help you to improve your IBPS PO mains exam preparation.

Last-minute preparation tips for IBPS PO Mains

Revise Important Topics: Revision is the most important part of the preparation. Revise the topics. The revision will help to understand If your concepts are clear in regards to the topics you can use logic to solve questions. Especially it will work on the questions of logical reasoning to understand the logic behind the approach of the solution.

Memorize Formulas: Memorize formulas will help in the sections where calculation on required. Paste a chart of tables till 25 and formulas on the walls of your room and revise them daily. If you remember formulas, it will help you to solve numerical on simplification, quadratic equations, and missing number series, etc.

Do Not Start Anything New: Only follow the strategy which you made for the IBPS exam and prepare according to that. Do not start any new topic, new subject or anything new. Adding anything new can be a root cause of deduction due to negative marks on the day of the exam. Even though if you missed or less preparade any topic. Do not add that topic at the last moment, it might create a mess.

Adding anything new can create confusion and can be the reason for distraction. You might get confused and feel less confident that your preparation not enough to score good marks. Last-minute better to work on the topics in which your concept is clear and you are confident. This may save you on exam day from getting negative marking.

For Speed Work on Time Management: The IBPS Bank PO exam will be conducted online (computer-based exam). For 100 questions you will get 60 minutes and for each section 20 minutes. So on average, you will get 60 seconds to solve one question. So you need to be efficient in the calculation and logical analyzing. For speed and efficiency, you should practice the online mock test of IBPS PO mains. You can take advantage of the educational websites like Sabakuch.com, Craku, Gradeup which provides IBPS PO free mains mock test

For Accuracy Take Mock Test: “Practice Makes Man Perfect” phrase itself explains if you persistently practice to something you can be master on that. even though you are new to something you can get accuracy, if you practice, analyze and improve your work.

And to get accuracy attempt IBPS PO free mock test every day. Accuracy will save you from scoring negative marks on the day of the exam. When you practice online mock tests, after attempting the test you get analyzed the result. Once you are done with your mock check the weak areas, to be self-aware of possible methods to improve on them. 

The countdown for IBPS bank PO exam is running out, follow the steps mentioned above to assure or success. Best of luck to all aspirants.

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