3 Abilities in E-Learning that You Did Not Know About

There is no doubt that India is home to many languages – officially 22 languages are there. For a country of nearly 1.3 billion people, it sounds appropriate. This has given us a wonderfully diverse culture to our music, literature, etc.

And even during this digital internet age, one simply needs to look at any of the best social networking website in india to realize that indeed we are a great combination of cultures, traditions and languages through which people express their own unique identities.

However, simply speaking in a language is not sufficient. One must be able to read and write as well. This is important for the literacy ratio of the country. And this point applies to writing in books and writing online as well.


Specialized E-learning websites are the future in this context. They have the following 3 abilities:


  • Impart knowledge of various subjects at 2 levels; Fundamental and Advance


  • Provide options to learn in different Indian languages apart from world languages like English, German, etc.


  • Give interactive online lessons that make the student stop and check his/her progress just like a regular teacher


There is little doubt that only rote learning can be a stressful thing to do. Students need to have some leisure time as well. E-learning sites should not simply be about 24×7 education. They need to add fun to them.


They need to carry links or embed other forms of entertainment in them. This could be in the form of bollywood music online, or interactive games, puzzles, quiz contests or even full HD images for wallpaper.


Languages help one to identify to their own culture. Therefore, e-learning has a huge potential to reach distant villages of the country and educate those who do not have the means to a proper school.


In this aspect, Sabakuch can be seen as an example of a combination of online learning, music and images. Initiatives like this inculcate a culture of learning and knowledge in India, for a brighter future.

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