Want a Writing Career? This Basic Writing Guide Can Help You

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In the age of internet, content has become an integral part of promotion and endorsement of products by brands. And this requires hiring employees with efficient writing skills and knowledge base.


‘’The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen’’

 – Lee Iacocca



A writing career needs a lot of thinking ability and developing your own distinct style. But at the end, it can be quite lucrative. A lot of money can be made by writing stuff such as:


  • Content writing for magazines
  • Writing for e-learning sites
  • Scientific journals and Academic writing
  • Technical writing of IT industries and others,
  • Seo writing on social media,
  • Ghost writing for authors,
  • Translating novels and writing them
  • Poems and short stories
  • Screenplay or scripts for movies and TV series, short stories writing,
  • Making content for sample e-mock papers for students


The list is huge…



Now before you get overwhelmed let us calm you down and share some simple steps of basic writing guide to help your writing career.


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  1. Start a Blog –


  • In 1990s blogging was simply about sharing personal thoughts, feelings or opinions on stuff like favorite mp3 songs but today it has become a business platform.


  • You don’t need a bag of cash to run a blog. In return you get full ownership of your work. It also means you get all the ad revenues and income of the blog site.


  • Pick a blog niche and find successful products from trusted companies to sell online.


This detailed guide here tells more on how to make money by blogging



  1. Do Freelance writing –


  • Your second option would be to start writing SEO articles for your local freelancing websites such as worknhire or contentmart.


  • They will pay around Rs.100 to 250/- per article. You can gradually shift to international social networking websites that will pay more.



  1. Try Ghost Writing –


  • Ghost writers take money but do not take credit. They adapt the style and ideas for another person they are writing for. Many people write biographies in this manner.



  • Not just books or novels, one can ghost write memos and even social media posts



Here is a useful link to know more about it


Once you decide what kind of writing career you want, apply the following rules and make them a part of your career.


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  1. You must write


  • Goes without saying, ‘Write a lot’.  John D. MacDonald (another pop fiction star- Steven King of his era) once burned 4 million words of unsaleable copy.  This is like burning 40-5o novels.


  • There is a saying that ‘’a writer needs to write 3 to 4 bad (un-publishable) novels before (s)he has learned enough to sell the first good one’’.



  1. Finish what you write
  • Even if you feel your content is going downhill, take it to its logical end. Put each of your effort to a finish.


  • Starting 5 novels or 3 articles and not even finishing one, is simply teaching yourself to fail.



  1. Refrain from rewriting, except if the editor compels
  • Literary novelists will tell you that writing is re- writing. However, as you learn and try to establish yourself, it is new, finished work that counts most and teaches you (develops your career) the most.


  • You put yourself in better position to succeed by learning from this work and applying what you learn as you go on to the next work, than you do by re-writing this one.



  1. Showcase the work in the market


  • There could be stuff you might not be proud of. Nevertheless, put it out in the market or on best indian social networking sites.


  • Those who see successive complete works will see you are becoming better.  In today’s era of self-publishing and “building a platform”, this is especially important.



  1. Keep your work in the market until it is sold


  • Give your work a chance by persisting beyond all “reasonable-ness”. 


  • Persist until the work finds an audience.

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