Guess Who’s at Top in Producing Bachelors in Science, Engineering

Some sweet news has come in today which could be a positive indication for hundreds of Indian students, parents, and policy-makers. When it comes to producing Bachelors in Science Engineering, India is at the top of the world.


What the Report Says?




The annual Science and Engineering Indicators 2018 report of the National Science Foundation has some very interesting results. And, these relate to different countries like US, India, etc. Speaking of India…


For the bachelors level degrees, India gets 25 per cent more than 7.5 million S&E (Science and Engineering) bachelors level degrees. These degrees were awarded in 2014.


China comes at number 2 with 22 per cent. The European Union (EU) at 12 per cent and the US at 10.


The report also highlights 2014’s data. Here, India accounts for one-fourth of the estimated 7.5 million bachelor in science and engineering degrees awarded.


Countries also specialise in different fields of research. The US, EU and Japan are publishing heavily across the medical and biological sciences. On the other hand, India and China focus on engineering, the report said.



What Makes India do well?


India has done well since the inception of 21st century. Better medical and engineering colleges have made it possible for more students to focus on their career and education.


The rapid rise of internet technology has an impact too. One example of it are the eLearning websites. Students do not need to buy expensive books. They can practice mock papers online for JEE or NEET.


JEE (engineering entrance exam), and NEET (medical entrance) are allowing more and more students to take this career. Along with the aid of eLearning.



Where do other countries stand?




When it comes to research and development, the US tops the chart in spending on it.


Chinas growth in science and engineering field continues at an exceptional pace. Since 2000, the number of S&E bachelors degrees awarded in China has gone up by 300 per cent


The US is the global leader in science and technology (S&T). However, its global share of S&T activities is declining as other nations — especially China — continue to rise.


Among the major producers of S&E publications, the United Kingdom has the highest international collaboration rate (57 per cent) (in 2016). France follows UK at 55 per cent and then Germany (51 per cent).

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