Quick Guide: Career in Science after Class 12 in India


Since the Class 12 Board Exams are now over and the results are out, some of the troubling questions in every Science student’s mind are: What should I do now? What are my career options? Etcetera


Let this write-up clear the cloud of confusion from every student’s mind so that it is as easy to know about career like it is easy to search songs or free wallpaper hd. You get the drift, right?


Science courses in Indian schools are divided into two parts:



Most science students who seek answers on the best social networking website in India regarding MBBS or Engineering, think that there are no other options for them. This is a huge misconception as science students have much better options than their counterparts. For instance, these students can move ahead in the research field or make a livelihood in science journalism, or become a professor in a medical college.


Often the science students are confused by comparing their course and college options for PCB and PCM. One of the quick solution is to turn to e-learning sites to refer in detail. Plus, you get free exam material from there as well.


Let us look at the distinction between PCB and PCM and what choices you have for the future –


PCM If you had PCM in school, then the following options might suit you well:


  • Engineering – (Duration 4 years)

This is one of the most sought out field by students in India. You can get the degree of either B.E. or B. Tech by clearing JEE exams and taking admission in government engineering colleges such as the IITs or other private universities which are government recognized. The course deals with the study various types of engineering like Mechanical, Civil, Electronic, etc. Some colleges conduct their own entrance test as well.


  • BSC (Bachelor of Science) – (Duration 3 years)

Students in this field have a variety of specializations to choose from, such as agriculture, horticulture, computer science, etc. A great advantage of B.Sc. is that if you score good marks then you can get scholarship. You can also go for post graduation further with M.Sc.


  • BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) – (Duration 3 years)

This course deals with subjects like computer management, software development, etc.It is an appropriate discipline for anyone who wishes to gain an advanced technical knowledge of computer programmes. Most of the good colleges for it are in South India, especially in Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru.


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PCB – If you had PCB in school, then the following course options shall best suit you:


  1. MBBS (Duration 5-5 1/2 years)

It is perhaps the most in-demand course for the PCB students. The five-and-a-half-year duration of this course includes the training and thesis presentation as well. It not only opens the door to jobs in big hospitals but also gives a chance to do your own private clinical practice. Some prominent colleges for it are AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), Maulana Azad Medical College, Christian Medical College


  1. BDS(Bachelor of Dental Surgery) – (Duration 5 years)

This has four years of study and one year of mandatory internship/practice. Almost all states of India now offer good colleges for BDS. Karnataka and Kerala boast of nearly 30 government affiliated dental colleges. This course constitutes the study of human anatomy, prosthodontics, microbiology, paedodontics, pathology, etc.


  1. Pharma(Bachelor of Pharmacy) – (Duration 4 years)

Students who are interested in the medical field but do not wish to become a doctor can apply for this. You can go in the medicine sector and if you want to go in research then you can combine that with MBA as it teaches vital elements of marketing strategy too. Or you can even become a Pharmacist.


In the end, remember, someone has rightly said ‘’Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy’’


These aforementioned options are not strictly the only options that a science student has. They are free to switch streams and pursue other disciplines such as MBA, or Mass Communication or Social Work.


Write about your queries or experiences or any interesting career choices that you know of for science students. Share them with everyone in the comments section.

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