Law Diary and 4 Other Essential Things That All Lawyers Need

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Being a lawyer or a law student is full of challenges. Especially when you pursue a law career in India. Everyone is always competing against you.


Being in a law school can be somewhat like the tv show, ‘’The Apprentice’’, with high intensity education. In such a fast paced field a lawyer needs to keep up with the competition both offline and on Indian social networking sites.


Fortunately, there are certain tools and mobile apps available these days, which can be of huge help to your law career. These include apps like a law diary or a simple dictionary.


So, here is the list of Law Diary and 4 Other Essential Things That All Lawyers Need


  1. Digital Cameras –


Many people only think of mobile apps as tools for lawyers. However, having digital equipments is also necessary.


Digital cameras allow you to take photos of your defendant’s crime scene, you client’s construction site in a breach of contract distribute.


All these pictures you can then post on your firm’s website or on any social networking site in India



  1. LiveLaw—


A successful legal career needs you to stay updated with all the latest legal news from India and across the world. Often Indian social networking sites miss to give you updates.


However, you can use LiveLaw mobile app and get all the latest legal information anytime.


It covers Indian courts, judgments, law firms, law schools and interviews with big personalities.



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  1. Black’s Law Dictionary—


This is Probably the most widely used law dictionary.  The most widely cited law book is Black’s Law Dictionary, according to its publisher. Black’s is now available as an app, which is significantly cheaper yet arguably a lot better.


The app allows you to instantly search for a given word instead of manually going through the physical book. The manual version of the book contains over 2000 pages. So, it is quite convenient to have it on the smartphone



  1. Manupatra


If you are have a career in law or you are a research student then this is the go to site. Manupatra, is an online legal research in India since 2001 and vital information on this website is as easy as finding music online.

According to the website of the company it offers the following:

  • authoritative and editorially enhanced content accepted by Indian Courts;
  • features such as Analytics, Visualisation Tools, Integrated Citation, Apps , News Alerts & more;
  • a database of over 20 Lakh Case Laws with Citation Search on 300+ equivalent citations in addition to other content.



  1. SBK Law Diary –


Probably the most important tool for any lawyer is their law diary. However, the traditional manual diaries come with some restrictions such as;


  1. Heavy cost for buying a diary
  2. Carrying the old bulky diary everywhere is not feasible
  3. Often one misses to note down information or
  4. Forget to check case details


Well thanks to SBK Law Diary, this FREE mobile app for Android and Apple, all of the above cited problems can be solved.


You can add/edit case details, get reminders, share case information to clients and co-workers. This digital lawyer’s diary practically puts all elements of a traditional diary in a mobile app which you can carry in your pocket.


The product is a product of, a social networking site in India and the country’s first global social media portal



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