Done with Class 12? Beat Post-Exam Result Stress in These 7 Steps

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The results for Class 12 Board Exam were declared this past weekend. And, since then thousands of students have been grappling with health issues. These range from Depression to Social Anxiety.


Once students are done with Class 12 Board Exams. The Post-Exam Result Stress also demands that parents and teachers be extra cautious and give the right support to students.


So, here are 7 steps through which students and parents can cope with post-exam result stress after class 12:



1.    Early Morning Walks


Doctors say that sunlight boosts the level of the hormone Serotonin. Low levels of this hormone can lead to Depression. Take long walks in early morning to reduce negative thoughts.


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2.    Diet Control                                                                             


It is proven by science that dry fruits, flax seeds, fresh fruits and veggies improve mental health. Other foods like walnuts, avocado, berries and mushrooms can relieve depression too.


If you are not able to eat these items then try taking dietary supplements. (Do consult a doctor in case you have any prior illness). Take Omega 3 fatty acids. Low levels of omega 3 fatty acids is linked to mental and emotional issues.



3.    Marks Don’t Define You


Remember, you are more than the sum of your marks. All your efforts, right from practicing mock tests for hours to getting up early morning to read a new chapter, won’t go in vain.


Never take decisions hastily. There are huge number of people who do not score well in entrance exams or Class 12 board exams, but their career doesn’t stop. Like a river, they flow and make their own path.



4.    Ward Off Peer Pressure


So you studied commerce in school. Spent hours and hours on solving mock exam papers before Class 12 Board Exams. But, after 12th you go and do English (honours). Comparison with peers is a major reason why this happens!


Parents mustn’t compare the marks of their children with their peers. Instead they should encourage the children to not worry about what their classmates will do in future.


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5.    Choose the Right Future Course after Class 12 Results


Every day, do one small thing that makes you happy. Watch a movie, read a book, order a pizza, anything that makes you happy. Relax and unwind before choosing your next course after class 12 board exams.


Often students hide their anxiety, result stress after an entrance exam and after class 12 results of board exam. Talking with someone face to face can be a massive help in the case of depression. If you can’t find someone close, then chat online with counsellors on online exam website. Most of the sites with mock exam papers have online chat option with them.



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